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  • Tom D. - Just another 5 star review

    I commute to work on bicycle. I generally use panniers, but there are times when you have extra stuff that you need to haul that will not fit in panniers. I find this bag is perfect for this function. I purchased a size large, and it can fit most things I would want to carry on my back. It also rides fine if it is empty or has just a couple of small items in it.

  • Julie Vogler - Wish I could give it zero stars

    I've been using Quicken for many years and for the most part no problems. But, I just upgraded to 2014 and am so frustrated. It's been crashing, so I found out about the update R2 and hoped that would help. Nope. It is crashing every time I enter a transaction. Sooo, I've sent in more than a dozen error reports this evening. This is ridiculous. What a waste. I will be looking into other finance software if I don't see something dramatic in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I'll be sending in lots of error reports. Yay!

  • Ramee151 - Very pleased.

    These function so well at cleaning my machine! After forgetting a load for a couple days, I had quite the stink build-up. 1 machine clean cycle brought my machine back to new--fresh and ready for the next load.

  • Ian C. - Maybe a bit of a fanboy, but...

    I will admit, after being a Gaga fan since her first album, I wasn't super-psyched after hearing "Perfect Illusion" for the first time. However, after listening to this entire album, I love all of it (literally, every last second).

  • Bobby - Thoughts become things. If you think better, you will live better.

    We become what we think about. What influences your thoughts? Most of the time, we allow others to control our thinking, or we have developed warped views about who we are. In this amazing book Joel Osteen explains how we all at some point in time have been tempted to speak or think negatively about ourselves or have allowed someone else to put a “negative label” on us. In order to have a better life, we must first think better about who we truly are. “AS A MAN OR WOMAN THINKS IN THEIR HEART, THAT IS WHO THEY ARE.” PROVERBS 23:7 It’s easy to carry the past as a burden instead of a school. It’s easy to let it overwhelm you instead of educate you. In order for things to change for you, you must change. But if you don’t change the next five years will be just like the last five years. Anytime you want to, you can learn from the last five years and make the next five years of your life totally different. If you start thinking better, things will get better for you and in this book Joel Osteen will show you how you can think better and heathier thoughts so you can have a better and heathier life. I attended a service at Lakewood Church in September 2016 and afterwards I met Joel Osteen for the first time. I gave him a copy of my book “Marriage It’s In Your Hands” as a gift and he graciously accepted my gift. He is a very humble man with a genuine, loving, gentle spirit.

  • sugoi - Get one!

    I was a little worried this may go the way of the yogurt maker - a kitchen appliance I get all excited about and then rarely use. I'm happy to report this is not the case! The deliciousness that comes out of this bad boy is unrivaled and guilt-free. I use it every day. The cleanup is a bit of downer (about 1/5 of a single serving remains in the machine, but it's easy enough to open up, scrape out, eat, rinse, and reassemble). I haven't found it particularly loud, like mentioned in some reviews. Haven't used the popsicle or storage containers yet, but the instant treats (without dairy or added sugar!) are a highlight of this pregnant lady's day.

  • Barbara - Reference

    I am a personal trainer and I really like this book and will keep it as a reference. I have lots of highlights.