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  • Amazon Customer - Aggressive sales pitch - avoid

    I agree with those who mention the high-pressure tactics. I was seduced in a weak moment at the airport (!) into buying the eye cream, after a demo that did seem to visibly reduce puffiness within one minute.... However, when I got the product home and tried it next morning, the tightening and tingling effect was not there. It's just like an y other eye cream. I can only conclude that there was some other tightening, elasticity agent in the little demo that isn't part of the product!

  • Chris - Great Flick

    Great flick. Very entertaining, great production, great effects, and very well acted. Classic performance by Woody Harrelson. Some of the dialogue is a little weak and sappy. Typical Roland Emmerich film. Quite a spectacle. If you can forgive the minor weaknesses, it's worth watching more than once.

  • Angela - This is a real cool set of stickers and awesome to go with the ...

    This is a real cool set of stickers and awesome to go with the matching book that you are able to put the stickers in to make your whole collection. This comes with 10 sealed packs that you are able to open to see what cards you are going to end up getting in your pack. Each pack has 7 glossy stickers which is nice and it is a lot of fun. You will get some duplicates but can be saved for extras. I received this product to share my honest thoughts and opinions about it.

  • Redd Foxxy - I Look So Polished!

    I LOVE this lil' thing! It helps my daughters avoid making a mess when they are painting their fingernails, which also helps me stay sane! The finger anchors help stabilize the polish bottle, which makes my lil' ones make less mistakes as well. This is not only a perfect gift for little girls, but for girly-challenged women like me! It is very light in weight and small in size making it easy to carry in a small purse and easy to use anywhere. You can practically polish your nails anywhere. When my girls waste a little polish on the tweexy, it can easily be cleaned w/soap and water. It keeps my girls busy on our long road trips. This item is really ingenious! I received this item at a discount for my completely UNBIASED review!

  • Amazon Customer - I am very satisfied with this purchase and yea

    Found to be of high quality and fit my Renegade very well. I am very satisfied with this purchase and yea, I would recommend them.