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  • Honest Reviewer in USA - Analog System, not Digital. Read the fine print and know what you're not getting...

    I did not buy this product, but have been researching surveillance systems and thought to offer this information before people purchase this gear.

  • OnlineShopper - Oragold is a scam product - except for high publicity ...

    Oragold is a scam product - except for high publicity, grand prices, sales pitch and high end display in store the product is nothing but cheap chemicals - don't put anything on your skin - check the ingredients - their is nothing special in this product then a normal product found in walmart or target for that matter. Clearly scam and exorbitant price

  • bluskyes - Glad I DIDN'T read the reviews BEFORE purchase!

    Given so many bad reviews I would normally forgo purchasing, but I was desperate to edit a video converted from my parents 8mm/Super 8 home movies and didn't have much time to research. I had spent almost $400 converting the film to video and at $89/hr for editing, I figured I didn't have anything to lose attempting to do it myself. The program loaded fine. Wave did lock up once, and I received one "real time" error message. My 4-yr old computer was adequate but slow--no surprise there--I just played Wii golf with hubby while it was processing. I was able to edit the video, add a menu, a sound track, and burn a DVD all without so much as watching a tutorial (I was too impatient--probably could have done it faster if I had). The project turned out GREAT. Now I just need to burn copies for the family--this is going to be the best Christmas present ever! And I'm already planning a slide show of my daughter's wedding photos.

  • geniebobeanie - please give it a try....

    Yes, like most of you I had chronic yeast problems among other things. I was told I had chronic fatigue, perhaps lyme, but no doctor knows for sure. I used this product a couple of years ago and I was doing so many other things at the time that I was not sure what was working for me. This last time though I am not doing any other probiotics and after I started Threelac I noticed the sebum in my skin had reduced tremendously. My face had been looking terrible with tons of acne, it is still there, but since starting this I can see things drying up and healing. Of course, I have had a new determination to really cut out all sugar, gluten, and is hard to do, but when you feel lousy and have children to take care of you will do anything to get your life back. Not everything will work for everyone, but I had a friend tell me about this product who had fibromyalgia and she said she will not use anything else....I think the next best thing would be to make your own kefir, or perhaps do both. Those of us with compromised immune systems really have to take matters into our own hands, and we cannot rely or trust doctors to help us do for us what we can only do for ourselves. Candida sets in because we are an opportunistic host and we cannot eat whatever we want, and abuse our the long run it maybe a blessing from above...

  • Bonnie Angus - Love it!

    Love this product! I used Biosilk for years and it was so easy to overdue it bc its so greasy but not with this! I color my hair and dry it so i get split ends and dried out hair easily but this stuff is like magic! Smells great and gets the job done! Would recommend to anyone! You wont be disappointed! I love all TIGI products!

  • AnnaBelle'sGiGi - Good in the right place!

    For the channels it receives they are nice and clear. Those channels are odd ones. I can not receive the national networks.Unfortunately I live in a heavy tree area and can only receive 5 channels. I would not recommend this for someone living in the woods. For someone on an elevation above the tree line, or in an open area it would be great.

  • Paula C Martin - Great book

    I enjoyed reading this book. I grow up watching the I love Lucy reruns. I still watch them to this day my kids have too. It was very lovely to read about Lucy and Desi 's life. I wish the book had some photos of them. Lucy was a beautiful lady. Desi was a great man in his music and in his life as well.