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  • threeperros - ... what I expected but it ended up being a cool poster for a 12 year old

    This was not what I expected but it ended up being a cool poster for a 12 year old. o must not have read the description well enough.

  • Prairie Girl - Nice

    They won't cure your slice (or your hook), but they are a lot easier to follow in the air and find in the rough for older eyes.

  • Carlos A. Pena - My favorite cologne

    Hi there, Since I bought this cologne back in 1997, I felt in love with it, I had tried many colognes, mostly Versace but none like bluejeans, Black jeans is great too but Blue jeans is unique, for all seasons!!!!

  • matkins - I'll go back to Colgate Brilliant.

    I only use this once a day...and only in the shower (it's a messy activity). I've only been using it about 10 days, so that may not be enough time to notice a difference. I'll continue another two weeks, and if I still can't see the difference, I'll go back to Colgate Brilliant.

  • cs211 - A wide variety in many aspects, including quality

    I have to give guest editor Jennifer Egan a certain amount of credit for selecting a wide variety of stories for inclusion in the 2014 volume of the Best American Short Stories (BASS). In her concise introduction she explains what characteristic of each selection distinguished it in her eyes. Unlike some previous guest editors of this series, who selected works that in some fashion resembled their own, Egan used quite a broad range of selection criteria.

  • Arlington Res - Nothing but problems since delivery

    I ordered this treadmill and it was delivered a short time ago. I selected the in-home delivery and set up option as a means to prevent possible problems with functionality, but I've had nothing but problems since it was delivered and I have yet to have a workout on the machine. In contacting Sole, I was advised that "a lot of people are out sick" and they "might be able to contact me late next week to see if it's something they can 'walk me through' or if a service person will have to be dispatched." So much for my warranty for this brand new machine - seems like they should just send the service person immediately if they don't have anyone in-house who can begin to troubleshoot my problems. Very disappointing result after hearing generally good things about this model/brand from Consumer Reports.

  • Kyle Anders - Weekend Warrior

    Well, I do work out during the week. Went all in with the big size. Played soccer today for example and will have 2 before bed and 2 in the morning. Tuesday the same, and back to two daily on Wednesday when I play soccer again. I am 50 y.o. and prior to using serrapeptase the pain after 2 hours of soccer was unabearable for at least 3 days. My ankles were on fire, my knees would not bend without any pain. Now I feel like a twenty-something, and yes, this helps with my asthma as well. Serrapeptase is used by the German olympic team for the same purposes, to accelerate your tissue repair. A Panacea indeed.