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  • Contacto Imprenta Lanzarote - Contacto con EGA, Artes Gráficas, imprenta y Rotulación en Lanzarote. Teléfono: 928 80 44 44 | Email: [email protected]
  • Entorno Gomez Arrocha SL - Información e historia de Entorno Gomez Arrocha SL. EGA Artes Gráficas en Lanzarote.
  • Rótulos artesanales en Lanzarote - Fabricación y montaje de rótulos rústicos y artesanales en Lanzarote. Montaje, diseño en diferentes materiales.
  • Rótulos luminosos en Lanzarote - Fabricación y montaje de rótulos luminosos en Lanzarote. Luminosos estándar o con LED. Diseño de rótulos luminosos en diferentes materiales.
  • Rótulos corpóreos en Lanzarote - Fabricación y montaje de rótulos corpóreos en Lanzarote, Canarias. Letras corpóreas, logos calados, etc. Consultanos.
  • Banderolas en Lanzarote - Fabricación, diseño y montaje de banderolas en Lanzarote para comercios, tiendas, centros comerciales, restaurantes, etc. Fabricación propia de banderolas.
  • Impresión de muppis y totems en Lanzarote - Imprenta de muppis y totems en Lanzarote. Diseño y colocación de publicidad en gran formato en Lanzarote y Canarias.
  • Cartelería gran formato en Lanzarote - Impresión y montaje de cartelería en gran formato en Lanzarote, Canarias. Imprenta de papel, vinilo y lonas de gran formato.
  • Rótulos de diferentes tipos en Lanzarote - Diseño, fabricación y montaje de rótulos en Lanzarote de diferentes tipos como LED, luminosos, corporativos, banderolas,etc.

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  • MuffinBran - Fantastic commuter bag

    This is my second Timbuk2 bag. I got the XS size first to just use it like a purse. I commute by bike to work about one day a week and the XS bag just wasn't big enough for a change of clothes and my lunch, etc. I debated getting a Large one but am so glad I went with Medium. It's huge! I'm only 5'1" so it looks a little ridiculous on me but I can ride my bike fine with it full of stuff. I think I will also use it as my luggage for trips occasionally. I got it in Silver/Lime-Aide/Lime-Aide color which is great for visibility on my bike (I don't trust the drivers in NM too much so I try to be as visible as possible). Timbuk2 bags are certainly expensive but worth it I think. They are quality bags and will last forever. I was also glad to find them on Amazon for much cheaper than the Timbuk2 website.

  • August 8 - Plan is not for me!

    I want to start by saying that for the people that this program works for....fantastic. I purchased this book and I returned it. I am a beliver that we depend on too much processed foods hidden with sugars and other bad things that are making us sick. The concept of reducing sugar and monitoring your carbs is not a new concept. I followed his plan for 3 weeks and I felt terrible at the end of that time frame. Yes, under the plan you are to restrict your sugars, but I think any plan that restricts plant based foods (fruits and vegetables) is not healthy for you. So it's OK for me to have a serving of Dorito's but can't eat an apple becuase it exceeds my amount of sugar for the day? I can have 5 blackberries? He does point out that there are a lot of items marketed as "healthy" when they really are not, and that's a step in the right direction to make people aware. But for people to only enjoy "a sliver" of bannana or 3 strips of red peppers - to me is missing the mark and the program is not truly healthy in the long run. I may be missing something, but it seems his plan relies MORE on processed foods. No Thanks!

  • Stephen - One of the best <$500 entry roadbikes

    For the price, the components on this bike are great. Assembly was tricky, but nothing I that even a normal person could do with some internet help. Brakes and derailleurs needed some adjustment but that should be expected. My main problem with the bike is the lack of kickstand. Having to lean the bike against a wall/fence has led to it falling down a few times already leading to a broken endcap.

  • A. Davis - Changed our lives

    This book helped me understand the relationship between food and certain symptoms. For us was seasonal allergies and eczema. We haven't done everything the book says, but we are definitely eating more broths, more healthy fats, no wheat, no grains, lots of probiotics, and just with those simple changes our life have changed. Don't be afraid of trying. It sounds overwhelming but you can do small changes at a time and you will still see the results.

  • R. Waters - if the underwear fits!

    uhm.can i use this on my ex boyfriend's junk? i figure since he IS a p*#sie,he may as well look like one,too.