ELE - Aerospace | Gas Turbines | Automotive Turbochargers - ELE applies its expertise and capabilities to markets which require complex and precisely engineered components. Turbine blades and Nozzle guide vanes

  • http://eleat.co.uk/ele-news/viper-grinding-the-future-of-manufacturing/ Viper Grinding: The Future of Manufacturing from ELE - Viper grinding technology enables engineers to create more intelligent designs by delivering a grinding tool that can be used on multiple axes.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/ele-news/creep-feed-grinding-versatile-machining-for-intricate-forms/ Creep Feed Grinding - versatile machining from ELE - ELE delivers high quality creep feed grinding processes that enable the manufacturing of complex machined parts for aerospace and other sectors
  • http://eleat.co.uk/services/ Technology - Deep Hole Drilling |ELE Advanced Technologies - ELE combines advanced technology with a highly skilled workforce to provide a wide range of engineering manufacturing services, like deep hole drilling.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/services/edm-fhd/ EDM | Fast Hole Drilling | ELE Advanced Technologies - ELE offers high speed milling and turning, honing, electrical discharge machining (EDM), 5-axis machining, fast hole drilling (FHD) and inconel machining
  • http://eleat.co.uk/services/viper-5-axis-grinding/ Viper Grinding - 5 axis machining services from ELE - VIPER grinding is a 5 axis high speed grinding machine capable of machining some of the toughest materials, like nickel-based superalloys. 5 axis machining
  • http://eleat.co.uk/services/laser-drilling/ Pulse Laser Drilling - 5 axis YAG | ELE - ELE have 5-axis YAG Lasers capable of drilling in continuous motion with water line control. The pulse laser drilling machines have a capacity of up to 1m3
  • http://eleat.co.uk/services/precision-grinding/ Precision Creep Feed Grinding | ELE Advanced Technologies - ELE offers creep feed grinding processes , ideal for generating complex forms quickly and efficiently, such as the fir tree root on turbine blades.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/services/stem/ STEM (Shaped Tube Electrolytic Machining) | ELE Advanced Technologies - STEM - Shaped Tube Electrolytic Machining is an acid electrolytic drilling technique for making long deep holes in hard, corrosion resistant metals.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/services/capillary-drilling/ Capillary Drilling - Electro Streaming | ELE Advanced technologies - Capillary drilling is an acid electrolytic technique for drilling small cooling holes in hard, corrosion resistant metals. Also referred to as Electro Streaming
  • http://eleat.co.uk/market-presence/ Markets we serve - ELE Advanced Technologies - ELE Advanced Technologies produces performance-critical components for a range of industrial applications - Aerospace, Gas Turbines, Automotive Turbochargers
  • http://eleat.co.uk/market-presence/aerospace/ Aerospace components| ELE Advanced Technologies - Aerospace companies look to ELE for help with improved engine performance and efficiency. Compressor and Turbine Blades, Exhaust Liners, Nozzle Guide Vanes
  • http://eleat.co.uk/market-presence/industrial-gas-turbines/ ELE Industrial Gas Turbines | STEM Drilling | 5 axis - Reliability and performance are of vital importance to the Industrial Gas Turbines sector, where components work in extreme environments. STEM drilling.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/market-presence/automotive-turbochargers-transportation/ Automotive Turbochargers - ELE Advanced Technologies - ELE manufactures components for automotive turbochargers. Our machining processes enables us to meet the demands of OEM’s looking for extra performance.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/market-presence/wider-industrial-applications-2/ Wider Industrial Applications | ELE Advanced Technologies - ELE applies its expertise and capabilities to a wide range of industrial applications, all of which require complex and precisely engineered components.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/ele-products/ ELE products |Aerospace |Industrial Gas Turbines| Automotive - ELE Advanced Technologies produce performance-critical components for applications in Aerospace, Industrial Gas Turbine and Automotive Turbochargers
  • http://eleat.co.uk/why-use-ele/ Why use ELE? - ELE Advanced Technologies - Why use ELE ? Flexible and responsive - Getting the best from Technology - Creative thinking - Quality focused - Efficient - Customer focused
  • http://eleat.co.uk/case-studies/ Case Studies from ELE Advanced Technologies - ELE specialise in flexible, niche processes which allow us to take on engineering challenges that very few others can manage. These are some case studies.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/approvals/ Quality and Credibility | ELE Advanced Technologies - ELE combines advanced technology with a well trained and highly skilled workforce to provide a wide range of quality engineering manufacturing services.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/approvals/accreditations/ International accreditations | ELE Advanced technologies - ELE have many international accreditations: AS 9100 ISO 9001: 2008 (UK) - TS 16949:2009 (Slovakia) - NADCAP approved NDT, EDM, Laser and Capillary Drilling
  • http://eleat.co.uk/approvals/inspection-process/ Inspection Processes | ELE Advanced Technologies - At ELE we’ve invested in technology and training to ensure our components are of the highest quality, and produced in the most efficient manner possible.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/about-us/ ELE Advanced Technologies |Precision engineering - ELE boasts some of the finest engineering machining processes available today, supplying customers across a wide range of industrial sectors. About ELE
  • http://eleat.co.uk/about-us/our-vision/ The ELE Advanced Technologies - story and vision - The ELE story starts in 1955 when Earby Light Engineers developed its reputation as a supplier of compressor blades to Rolls-Royce.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/about-us/sharing-growth/ Sharing in Growth (SIG) - ELE Advanced Technologies - In April 2014, ELE was successfully selected for the Sharing in Growth (SIG) programme for UK Aerospace suppliers to ensure they have a supply chain fitness
  • http://eleat.co.uk/about-us/our-people/ Our people - creative solutions to engineering problems | ELE - ELE's reputation has been built around our people. Our commitment to training and development ensures that we achieve the best across all areas.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/about-us/careers/ Engineering opportunities | ELE Advanced Technologies - As an apprentice at ELE you’ll be able to combine classroom learning with on-the-job experience to lay the groundwork for an exciting future ELE career.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/locations/ ELE factory locations | ELE Advanced Technologies - The ELE factory operations are run from a purpose-built facility in Colne – and since 2007, a wholly-owned subsidiary based in Slovakia.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/locations/uk/ ELE Engineering factory - UK headquarters | ELE Advanced Technologies - The ELE engineering facility is located in Colne, 70 km north of Manchester airport and houses some of the most sophisticated machining technology in the world.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/locations/slovakia/ ELE Slovakia Site - ELE Advanced Technologies - In 2007 ELE established a new factory in Trencin, Slovakia. The 3,000 sqm facility has the flexibility to produce a variety of engineering components.
  • http://eleat.co.uk/category/ele-news/ ELE Advanced Technologies - Aerospace and Industrial Gas Turbines - ELE Advanced Technologies - News on stories related to Aerospace, Automotive Turbochargers and Industrial gas Turbines

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