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  • Depot022 - Game broken

    DRM ruined this game. Can't play this game offline when you're not connected to the internet or when the server is down.

  • kelly - The turning is really good and it is really easy to grip

    On my V cube there were no stickers. The stickers were actually printed. The turning is really good and it is really easy to grip. Overall it is amazing!

  • Derrick - amazed, and shock what this software does

    I received this product within three days, what fast and expedite service. I was kind of worry that this will not meet my needs because of the price. I was highly surprised, amazed, and shock what this software does. I have been spending big bucks for my small business on payroll software and this cd does it all. It tops the well known brand names, its simpler, easy to follow and up to date. I wish I had known about this before now, and they have a customer for life. Not only that, any questions you have you can send them an email and they reply within minutes. I like that, excellent customer service all the way round. Two thumbs up to all at TKT Enterprises!!

  • Aaron - Five Stars

    Code works, and I'm downloading the game as I write this. (It's a 40GB download if anyones wondering)

  • Endevour32 - Excellent

    Excellent product, makes your eyes feel great, even if there is nothing wrong with you eyes, just adding the fluid makes your eyes feel so much better, but I purchased becaus I had laser treatment on my eyes and this was recommended by my doctor to ease the discomfort, and it worked great

  • Iryna Hall - beside being just great for personal "escape from the world

    I incorporate the readings in my lessons (I tutor ESL). These are really well-selected stories that provide lots of topics for discussion, beside being just great for personal "escape from the world."