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  • Holly S. - Works like a crazy freakin' MIRACLE!!!

    My 15 year old daughter has struggled with bad acne for several years. Nothing has worked, no creams, lotions, washes, ointments, nothing. Our doctor even prescribed antibiotics and 10% benzoyl peroxide, with minimal results which were very temporary. We got online one day and started researching and found the Acne.org program. Excellent reviews, so we ordered it. This has been a face saver for my beautiful girl, a self image restorer, and a huge blessing. She's been on the program for three months and, while she's still having some minor breakouts (which I've read is normal), her acne has cleared up dramatically! Before using these products, she had bad dark patches and scars that made her look broken out even when she wasn't. These are almost completely gone! Her skin has a much better color tone to it, the pock marks seem to be filling back in, and she looks great! I recommend this wholeheartedly to anyone struggling with acne.

  • Amazon Customer - Wow!!

    Truly mesmerizing, page-turning thriller! The twists and turns will leave you speechless. Just when you think you've got it worked out, surprise!

  • Bruce - highly recommended!

    Fast Delivery, The item arrived earlier than the date given,I was quite surprised how good it is its not a bad picture and easy to use.All in all a very nice little camcorder for the price

  • Thanh Le - I would not recommend.

    I regret buying this item and letting sit in the box for almost 2 months because I was so busy that I had forgotten about it. When I finally opened it to try, it doesn't exactly work. I read the instructions very carefully 3 times to make sure it was not me being retarded. So once I wrap it around my waist and turn it on, I did not feel anything. Played around with the buttons many times trying to increase it but nothing happens. It does not allow me to go any higher than a 3 when supposedly it can go up to I believe a 10. Now I can't return it. Cost me a lot for nothing. I would not recommend.