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  • Julia Miller - Unfortunate.

    Beautiful car seat, kind of tall. I did end up returning it because the cushions around the sides of the head are huge and seemed to annoy my daughter and prevent from being able to look around much at all. We got a Chicco Nextfit instead.

  • Sarah Williams - Amazing experience

    I have Really dry flaky skin that seems easily irritated and my doctor suggested a retinol moisturizer for the scales. This is my first experience with retinol and the change it made in the first 48 hrs was incredible. I am 29 and I use this at night after an oily toner for mature skin from body shop. It just sinks in and my skin Is smooth in the morning. I could wear foundation now and I only bought this brand cause it was $6 at marshals by my house. Now I need more

  • G. Martin - Excellent washer Cleaner

    Purchased product to clean 3 month old Maytag Bravos HE washer with stainless steel tub and no agitator. Maytag recommends this product and even has a washer setting for it. Well packaged, clear directions, easy to us, no mess, no odor, fairly priced. Did an excellent job. Recommend for regular use.

  • GRANDMA OF 2 - Very satisfied, I now have this Accu Rite 00613A1 humidity ...

    Very satisfied, I now have this Accu Rite 00613A1 humidity monitor for two weeks. I have to say it is an excellent unit, nice-looking and accurate. Tested it against a conventional humidity monitor (needle type) did not do the salt test as suggested by one review writer. Didn't have to, because I am confident it is accurate. It is also a plus having the high and low humidity and temperature readings. I'm thinking of buying two more. As time passes, if I have any updates of importance I will do so. I depend on reviews for purchasing items. Please folks be fair and accurate, to the consumer and the seller, in your experience and satisfaction with the product.