EPMhorse – Home to the latest information about EPM - If EPM disease is diagnosed and treated early, the statistics rise to 80% responding well to treatment, with many recovering fully. You, the owner, can make the difference in where your horse falls in the statistics, by learning prevention and to identify symptoms.

  • http://epmhorse.org/The_Disease/The_Disease.htm EPMhorse – Causes of the equine disease EPM - The disease is caused by one of two protozoa, Sarcocystis neurona or Neospora hughesi. EPM is not contagious between horses.
  • http://epmhorse.org/The_Disease/Prevention.htm EPMhorse – Strategies to prevent EPM in horses - Limiting opossum contamination of feed and water, limiting stress, and limiting other diseases are the best prevention strategies.
  • http://epmhorse.org/The_Disease/Opossum.htm EPMhorse – The opossum is the host for the EPM protozoa - The EPM protozoa Sarcocystis neurona is spread to horses in the feces of opossums. Horses can ingest the protozoa from contaminated feed, hay, water or pasture.
  • http://epmhorse.org/The_Disease/Terms.htm EPMhorse – Definitions for technical EPM terms - It is helpful to learn the technical terms used by the veterinary and clinical laboratory industry. Links to medical dictionaries.
  • http://epmhorse.org/Diagnosis/Diagnosis.htm EPMhorse - A firm EPM diagnosis is difficult to achieve - A diagnosis of EPM is composed of three parts: ruling out other diseases, an exam and laboratory tests. EPM is difficult to diagnose because the symptoms can occur anywhere in the body, and can mimic the neurological symptoms of several other diseases.
  • http://epmhorse.org/Diagnosis/Symptoms.htm EPMhorse - Symptoms can be anywhere in the head or body - EPM can cause lesions anywhere in the brain or central nervous system (CNS). These cause temporary inflammation and permanent nerve damage.
  • http://epmhorse.org/Diagnosis/Tests.htm EPMhorse - Tests on blood or cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) - There have been several improvements in the available EPM testing in the last five years. Information on the Western Blot, IFAT, and SAG1 ELISA tests.
  • http://epmhorse.org/Diagnosis/Mayhew_Scale.htm EPMhorse – Modified Mayhew Scale/neurological exam - This exam form rates the neurological deficits that the veterinarian is observing. Use this form during the neurological examination.
  • http://epmhorse.org/Treatment/Treatment.htm EPMhorse – Drugs and protocols for EPM treatment - The FDA has approved four drugs for the treatment of EPM, some are not on the market, and some are compounded drugs. The medications require a prescription by a veterinarian
  • http://epmhorse.org/Treatment/Other_Therapy.htm Other EPMhorse – Therapy to control inflammation and boost immunity - In addition to drugs, limiting inflammation of the cerebrospinal column, stimulating the immune system, and anti-oxidants are three things that the owner should be prepared to handle during treatment.
  • http://epmhorse.org/Treatment/Alternative_Medicine.htm EPMhorse – Alternative Medicine for the EPM horse - estern veterinary medicine in the US does not study the affects of alternative medicines such as herbs, acupuncture, chiropractics, massage, or probiotics. They can boost the immune system, and promote health.
  • http://epmhorse.org/Rehabilitation/Rehabilitation.htm EPMhorse - Rehabilitation of Neurological Deficits - In rehabilitating the EPM horse, the owner must question if the issues are related to training, physical deficits, or mental changes. Typical issues are discussed.
  • http://epmhorse.org/Rehabilitation/Early_Rehab.htm EPMhorse – Early Rehabilitation Strategies for EPM - This phase of EPM will require more owner input than during testing, treatment, or recovery. Decisions about turnout, exercise, vaccines, wormers, and riding should be based on daily observations.
  • http://epmhorse.org/My_Horse/My_Horse.htm EPMhorse – About my EPM horse - My horse is a very cute bay Quarter Horse gelding. He is also recovering from EPM.
  • http://epmhorse.org/Resources/Photo_Video.htm EPMhorse – Photos and Videos of EPM horses - Photos and videos of horses with EPM may help other owners understand symptoms and deficits. Please contact the Webmaster if you can provide other examples.
  • http://epmhorse.org/Resources/Bibliography.htm EPMhorse – A Bibliography of the references for this web site - A Bibliography of the clinical studies and interviews researched for this web site.
  • http://epmhorse.org/site_map/site_map.htm EPMhorse.org Navigational Sitemap - Sitemap navigation for www.EPMhorse.org website. Latest information on symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of horses infected with Equine Protozoal Myeloencephalitis - EPM.

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