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  • Jaybee - Great Stuff!

    Great Stuff!! Most Test booster give me headaches or stomach cramps, but test freak is a very clean T booster and I got some nice gains off this stuff!!

  • Amazon Customer - Scam alert for this product

    This product is a total scam. We tried to install it on our computer. We got an error message stating that we had to spend about $140.00 to uninstall other programs in order to make it work. I would discourage anyone from purchasing this product. We will be requesting our money back. There are plenty of other products available out there that are free and do not require this up front money in order to use the already expensive product. Be ware and do not buy it. It is nothing more than a con which preys on people that are not computer savvy.

  • H.C. - Does the job as claimed

    I wanted a thin case and this one does the job. It was precisely made to fit my iPhone 7. However, it seems too thin to protect against drops. Not blaming the product since I didn't expect that for such a thin case, but I might try out a more protective one.

  • Rebecca - I really like this little kit

    I really like this little kit. Mine came with both the stickered tips and the white polish. I've tried both applications, so my review is based on both.

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    There not as good as the use to be but still worth the money. 2 for 1 buffet at Golden nugget save you $ 10. a few free drinks. 2 free comedy tickets at Riviera worth $ 20.

  • Zahara Heckscher - The best resource for career changers

    I've been in the workforce for about 25 years, and every time I go through a job change, I get the current edition of this book. Here's what I like about this book:

  • John Peterson - Happy With the Plantronics Voyager Legend

    Arrived quickly and performs well. Most comfortable bluetooth earpiece I've found. Controls are placed well should I choose to use them, but most often I will use voice command. Retains a charge for quite a while. My last Plantronics would continue to say 7 hours of use left and then all of a sudden go dead. Haven't got this unit to that point yet. I purchased the recharging case and use that to store the unit, thereby keeping it consistently charged. I enjoy the fact that it knows when it's being worn and will turn itself off when you take it off your ear. By far, this earpiece is much cheaper than a "using a cellphone while driving ticket".