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  • Kathleen O'Connor - ... version of Dickens' Christmas Carol--due to the incomparable incandescent joy of Alastair Sim and a host of British characte

    Unquestionably the definitive film version of Dickens' Christmas Carol--due to the incomparable incandescent joy of Alastair Sim and a host of British character actors, particularly Kathleen Harrison and Hermione Baddeley stand out as a delight. No Christmas is complete without watching Sim and company strut their stuff. The scenes of Scrooge's joyful redemption Christmas morning, his opportunity to share Christmas bounty with the Cratchets and be of real help to that family, and resumption of relations with his nephew and niece by marriage are the true meaning of the holiday!

  • WhiteDog - Wide Backpack

    I searched high and low to figure which High Sierra backpack might work for my first grader. She needs to pack snow pants and boots in addition to all the other school gear, so I wanted a larger but still manageable backpack. Unfortunately, this was just too big. It was quite wide. In fact, I would have kept it for myself, but I found it to be too wide for comfort myself. It does appear to be nice quality and I like the large pockets and the clip on the outside.

  • Fastphoto - Will not work properly

    First I installed NXT in a Windows 8.1 Pro Computer and everything appeared to work. I purchase about 8 Audio Books a month and record them on one of my computers. So I did try to record one of my audio books using my Windows 8.1 Pro computer BUT after about 3 to 5 minutes it stopped responding. As there was no rush I waited until the next day and a reboot I tried again with the same results.

  • Denise - Overpriced

    I have to have an armrest due to a shoulder injury. I guess it fills that purpose, but a couple of pieces of plastic with a pad covered with fake leather definitely not an $80.00 value.

  • Tiny D - Good stuff!

    I take this with Nattokinase so I'm not sure which one did the trick, but I'm going to continue taking both. I've got really bad type 2 diabetes and I've been staying away from sweets/carbs for about half a year. My feet and hands hurt just walking, and for the last month my heart started spasming when I lay down, I think its called arrhythmia. And several times per hour my heart would just beat really really hard, once, like it was having trouble getting something through. Scary stuff, and I can't afford a doctor.