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  • Aimee Mitchell - Must have!

    This product is amazing! I've only been prone to occasional minor T-zone breakouts, as well as more consistant hormonal breakouts (especially with being pregnant). I didn't use it for a few days while on vacation and my breakouts flared back up but 2 days into reusing it I'm pretty much cleared of my breakouts. Only use a dime size if that each wash.

  • Sandra V. Ohlson - Fantastic!

    I held off on writing this until I had a chance to use it for awhile. I have had acrylics for 22 years solid, and thought I would be a slave to the nail salon forever. After the last time the mancurist sanded my nail to within an inch of it's life (it was so pink I thought it was bleeding, and yes I know, just get a different manicurist but I've had it) I was determined to get out of the grasps of the nail salon. My nails are extremely thin and brittle and I never thought I would be able to do without professional acrylics or shellac. Lo and behold, this wonderful little system!

  • Nicole M - I have very thick/frizzy hair and this product worked pretty well to tame it and speed up my morning ...

    I have very thick/frizzy hair and this product worked pretty well to tame it and speed up my morning routine. I do however need to run a regular straightener through my hair very quickly after using it, so I'm not sure it's worth the extra heat damage! I would imagine it would work incredibly for someone with thinner and less frizzy hair!

  • Melissa - Really flipping works!

    I hate when I catch a cold and my nose get all stuffed up. Always, one nasal closes up, but switches back and forth to which ever side I'm sleeping on/laying my head on. I'm not at all a mouth breather, so I can't sleep at all. I will say this, it does burn at first. But I don't really care because both nasals are open! I even tested it by laying down and turn laying down. And yes I still can breathe!! But the no dip thing didn't work for me, I still felt it running down my throat. Ewe. I did 3 sprays to each one. I did not buy from amazon, only because having no sleep for 2 nights was a enough and I didn't want to wait. So I just went to my local store. I paid nearly $6. Recommend this for anyone who has the same problem I have.

  • Nanci Holler - Love this seasoning

    Love this seasoning...use it on all salads including potato salad plus pizzas and EVERY receipe that calls for anything with tomato sauce, paste etc. I always have a back up bottle so I NEVER run out. (For adults who enjoy a bloody mary, this is a must to use).