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  • ketgit - ATP Re-seal

    I have a 1998 Geo tracker that was in storage for two years, tranny wouldn't shift cold; after it warmed up shifted just fine, I figured that the internal seals may have hardened, well this product brought it back to life, it worked wonders for me even on the coldest days of winter it would shift no problem. Had previously tried lucas additive without success, Im sure this will perform just as good on any other automotive systems.

  • J Madison - Sharp Shears

    I really like the light-weight snipping shears for nipping off old flowers and stems as well as removing small twigs on bushes.

  • McCarthy reader - I don't have the best night vision and as a result need a bright ...

    A very high quality flashlight. I use mine every night, 15-20 minutes at a time for a total of 1-2 hours. The power and mode switches get a real workout. I don't have the best night vision and as a result need a bright light. This one does the trick. On highest power it will light up most of my one acre pasture. It is considerably brighter than the PD32, which I also own. I have learned by experience buying the cheap LED lights that they may be as bright as this one, but they will soon let you down. Seals will leak and the cheap switches will fail.

  • Stephen A. Herman - Typical McAfee

    I'm sure you have all heard the stories of how McAfee anti-virus software can slow down your computer to a crawl. Well, here's yet another one. Having used McAfee Total Protection in the past, I should have known better than to try it again but the price for the 3 PC version was so good I couldn't stop myself. On my laptop which runs Windows Vista Professional, installation was okay, but I did need customer support for a few minor issues, On my desktop which runs Windows XP Professional, installation was hell. After hours on the phone with their online support person, he decided I needed support from a "senior team member" who would call me the next day after analyzing the problem. He did call, had me uninstall several the same software packages the first person did, plus several other things. Didn't work, still wouldn't install. He left me with a few more things to try and a call-back number for when I was finished. At this point I did a comprehensive search for the "real" problem, found several possible solutions on line of which one worked and let me install. I haven't bothered to install the software on my wife's Windows 8 based computer. After all of this, the McAfee software takes over my PC's whenever it does and update (frequently) or a scan. What junk!

  • C. Johnson - Really bad product

    Bought for my 2015.5 Volvo XC60. Not only do they not fit, but also they are a safety hazard, as the lip of the driver's mat slips forward and gets under my heel. Unfortunately I went off for a two week driving vacation with these mats ....... and they put my just beyond the 30 return policy. I will donate them to a nonprofit.

  • user3184 - Works, but make sure you have all the nuts and bolts you may need

    I used this to convert the standard smaller VESA mount (75x75) that I had on a monitor stand to the larger 200x100 that the monitor accepted but I also had to purchase additional mounting bolts (and nuts) on Amazon to make it work.