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  • Don L. - Fenix rocks

    Had a Fenix PD 32 S2 version rated at 330 lumens and got this one to because I love its small size compared to its great light output. This one has 1 more brightness level than the PD 32 S2 and throws a wider beam than the PD 32 S2 which has more of a spot light at the center of its beam than the PD 32UE

  • Sean R. - Not exactly what I wanted

    This is not as useful as I had hoped. I have played magic before, and understand the gameplay, but I have not played enough or talked with the right people to know very much about building a good deck. I also have not bought cards before, I simply inherited a small collection from season 8 from a friend.

  • LUVNROSE - Works Great, Finally Mold Gone!!

    I have had some stubborn black mold on my concrete wall and I have tried many products and power washed etc to remove. This stuff works great. I had to apply it a few times in some really bad areas that have been there for years but that;s OK as long as it kills the roots of the mold which it appears to do.

  • mmullis - It works

    I quit my accountant last year because of the time involved rounding up all the data he required, and because of the money spent paying for his time. I keep track of my receipts and tax documents, then enter the numbers into TurboTax. I now spend less time and less money doing my taxes, and get great results. I use this for my S Corp 1120S and K-1s.

  • Kindle Customer - Do not get suckered by the mall kiosk ambush tactics!

    My daughter and I were ambushed at a mall kiosk by an overly aggressive, male PYT accessory salesman. It was like he was selling used cars or mattresses. The price started at $200. Then it dropped to $150. Then it was $99 and included 5 free styling sessions. At the mall. We do not travel to the mall to have our hair styled. He pointed out a 4 year old girl having her hair curled a la Toddlers & Tiaras. I am 46, not 4. He then came up with his magical employee discount he said he could give us just that one time. I whipped out the iPad, found the flat iron on Amazon for $36 shipped to my door. He stammered that it would not be covered by the super-valuable warrantee. In my 35 years of hair product ownership, I have never had a curling iron repaired. And Amazon is beyond reproach in Customer Service should it have arrived damaged. This is an awesome flat iron. We have very thick, wavy/curly hair. This gets it Marcia Brady flat and it lasts for days. Buy it here. I'd rather buy magazine subscriptions from a Jehovah's Witness at my back door than deal with the mall ambush tactics.