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  • Meredith Thomas - Great for what it is

    If you cannot have "real" cheese but want to have something like pizza or nachos that just aren't the same without melted cheese this is your best bet. That being said - no, it doesn't taste just like "real" cheese. The flavor is ok. The texture is ok. It is definitely the best non dairy cheese I have had and it melts instead of turning into a dried out film like some other non dairy cheeses. I cannot have gluten, dairy or soy and I will continue to buy it for myself but my dairy eating family members would never think it is an acceptable alternative to cheese.

  • stephanie - Amazing!

    This grooming blade is amazing. I have a 60lb foxhound, and she does a good bit of shedding. I got this with the hopes it would get all the undercoat up and cut down on the shed...and IT DOES. It gets so much undercoat, dander and dirt out of her coat, and she loves it! It must feel pretty good!

  • Vickie H. Vila - It's a waste of money

    Provides NO protection at all! I had to have a local computer expert run a "Malware" product to remove a list of, least 36" long, of viruses.