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    I'm a male with rosacea and a ruddy complexion. In the last 5 years or so, red has been my basic complexion color. After using Bye Bye Redness, I have created a complexion that is nicer looking. It's not perfect, but very good and certainly lightens me up. The key, at least for me, is to not apply this too thickly otherwise it'll look like it's caked on. So, just a dab here and there does the trick. Rub it in well. Overall, I am quite pleased and would recommend this product to a friend. It makes me forget about my ruddy complexion.

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    Aesop's stories are woven deeply into western culture. So many stories we've only heard whispers of. It's well worth reading them in the original, well, a good translation from the original.

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    Having been a long time fan of Suzanne White, since reading her first book on Chinese Astrology back in the 90s, it was with great joy I spent this past week reading her new book, 2016, Year of the Fire Monkey...