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  • Jolved - I bought the same prduct from GNC last year and ...

    I bought the same prduct from GNC last year and compared to that, this one's taste is less strong which makes me question the quality of the product.

  • fbraz50 - Great hardware but light on features

    UPDATE: 10.23.2016: I know I keep modifying my review but it has been based on actual experience. I will leave it at 3 stars for now as I have decided to give the Orbi another shot. I bought a new unit because the the raw performance of this setup cannot be matched. All these mesh wifi systems out there right now cannot seem to touch the Orbi. On the feature set side the Orbi is still not great but I think that will improve with time. The Orbi is in AP mode right now and my router is an Ubiquity Lite Router. I will consider turning the Orbi into Router mode once the feature sets grow. I know they are adding remote VPN to the Orbi here soon which will be nice for some users.