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  • Christine1e - This is our favorite! The only diaper cream recommended by our pediatrician

    This is our favorite! The only diaper cream recommended by our pediatrician. It lives up to its promise of improvement by the next change. Worth every penny.

  • WV_OUTDOORSMAN - Arrived nice but it didn't last.

    Bought the iPad case and iPhone 7 plus case. The iPad is doing great. I work in an office so very light use on my phone and it is falling apart after just 2 weeks. The edge peeled off all the way around and the strap holding the cove on is unraveling.

  • Natasha - Interesting approach, seems to work

    The product is easy to use and seems to work. You have to remember not to brush your teeth or drink / eat anything before using it which was a challenge for me at first. But I like the approach and the app that comes with the device is done reasonably well. I can't attest to how accurate it is because I have only been using it for a month but as a healthcare researcher, I see that scientifically speaking, it should work well. I am thinking of pairing it up with a basal thermometer and compare the results...will post an update when I find out the delta, if any.

  • AnjO - It's LOVE!

    Love, love, love, love, love!! I have type 3A curly Caucasian hair. It tends to be dry and especially frizzy in humid weather. This is my perfect hair gel!!! While it seems as if it might be a sticky mess, it easily glides through my hair with not a touch of stickiness. I don't use too much - a little goes a very long way for me. I put it in when my hair is pretty wet, scrunch with a microfiber towel, and let my hair dry. My frizz practically disappears. If I happen to use too much, I do end up with crunchy curls. But it is so easy to remove the curl cast by lightly scrunching my hair with my fingers when dry. The crunch goes away leaving perfectly defined, frizz-free Botticelli curls.