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  • Antonio Angel - This is a fantastic starting racket to get used to the game

    These rackets were perfectly straight and incredibly light weight for the price. These rackets are for the kids to play with (Daddy gets the Yonex Nanoray) but their game increased just by upgrading the racket. This is a fantastic starting racket to get used to the game. Forget the cheap Wilson rackets, these entry level YONEZ rackets are perfectly good.

  • Holly Trone - Good Deal For The Price

    Our knives were in pretty awful condition - I was getting tired of pushing the blade of the steak knife back in the handle every time I sawed through a piece of meat. Sure I'd love to have a set of top-grade Henckels but given the price of something like that plus the fact that we don't use knives that often, I figured this second-tier set was worth a try. The knives are nice and sharp. The construction quality is decent and it suits our purposes fine - they look good, cut well and fit in the block like they are supposed to. So what if they don't do well in the dishwasher? How much trouble can it be to hand-wash a knife? For $..., they're a fine deal. I'm glad I bought them.

  • Heidi J. Rittenhouse - There is a God, and he gave us YONANAS!!!

    I can't say enough good things about this product. You know how nothing is ever really "as seen on TV?" Well this one is a keeper!!! It is a *little* loud, and you do have to disassemble it to get all your frozen goodies to your bowl, but it's a snap to assemble and disassemble, really easy to clean, and just overall amazing!!! I love it love it love it!!!! I'm an ice cream addict, and this is as close to the real melt-in-your-mouth consistency of full-fat ice cream with a fraction of the calories and fat! Fits right into my Weight Watchers lifestyle!! Great product!

  • Jacqueline Bell - They are good for keeping my floor carpet clean but I thought ...

    They are good for keeping my floor carpet clean but I thought he grooves are not deep enough for keeping water from running all over the place

  • Arlene - Great short story compilation

    This compilation contains some of the most powerful short stories I have read - Into Silence, by Marlin Barton, Delicate Edible Birds, by Lauren Groff, and Least Resistance, by Wayne Harrison. I'm only half-way through, so there are probably several more gems in this one.

  • Donna G. - Very disappointed!!

    Bought these for my 4 year old grandson and they did not hold up well at all. Velcro gave out and then the vinyl on the sides peeled off. Very disappointed!!