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  • Dean Holmquist - Adobe Creative Cloud Membership 3 month

    This is the best deal ever. You get all all the Creative software plus updates for an extremely low price. The 3 month card saves a third off what Adobe charges.

  • Kdwriter - I have been using this shampoo for close to 2 ...

    I have been using this shampoo for close to 2 years. There was something wrong with this bottle that I got from Amazon. The shampoo is really watery even after shaking the heck out of it. And, it smells awful. Hopefully, the next bottle is normal.

  • Carol - Try it! You're family will love it and you'll love the health benefits and the ease of use and cleanup!

    Our entire family loves the Yonanas, especially as a healthy alternative to ice cream. No more wasted fruit. Just freeze ripened (even over ripened) fruit, or buy already frozen. Easy to make, easy to clean machine, and freeze leftovers. Frozen yo yo can be defrosted under running water for a couple of minutes, or in microwave, while still in container. Pour in a glass, stir, and eat. Wonderful as gifts!!!! Especially for diabetics or anyone on special diets. Great for your loved ones, when they're sick and you can't get them to eat. Works every time at our house.

  • cdpell88 - This Game Makes Learning Fun (Take A Note, My Third Grade Music Teacher!)

    I absolutely love this game! Actually, I don't even know if you should call it a game... There are definitely games IN it, but there are also lessons to be undertaken and songs to learn. It's like a game and a really awesome music school teacher rolled into one. Like maybe Jack Black in that one movie where people trusted their children with Jack Black for some reason.

  • Karen M Sagel - It wasnt a labor to watch! (Ha! Get tge pun?)

    I will be honest I was not into this when my husband got it. Kevin Sorbo is the only Hercules for me! But this was great! Dwayne Johnson is great (if you get past the hair). It wasn't campy like the TV series nor was it over CGed like other movies in this story line. It wasn't gratuitously er um adult either. No severed arms spewing blood or people being beaten to death. It was a great movie I would watch with my family. Mr. Johnson thank you for walking away from Wrestling, you're much better performing in the movies!

  • E. Rivera - Natural Woman Progesterone Cream

    This cream works really well. I would have to say that it is the best one out there. I have tried other brands and always come back to this one.

  • Melissa Dobson - Nice

    Well I would've given it a 5star rating but the handle is a bit hard to crank. I didnt have much on the spout for it to get stuck. But it does do the job. I've done sirloin steak in this thinly cut to use for hamburgers. They turned out awesome. It is a process to clean which I don't like. But I don't really like to clean anyway. It is sturdy for it to be plastic. I was really surprised.