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  • Rainlion - maybe good for tropical use?

    It is my first time to order Frankincense oil. It seems a good quality of oil given the review. however, as previous reviewer indicated, this oil seems not "strong enough" I had to maybe use 15 drops for oil diffuser to have noticeable smell. but maybe the main purpose of this oil is for tropical use?

  • Stephen Carter - ... a couple of weeks now and have nothing but good things to say

    I have been taking Myobuild for a couple of weeks now and have nothing but good things to say. Tastes great, no weird tingling like you get from other supplements. I have been stacking with a few other products and have been very pleased with the results. My recovery is much faster. I am lifting and pushing more weight. All of this combined makes me even more motivated to get me back in the box and kill it.

  • John K. - Favorite cold weather clothing

    I wear this all the time. I'm curious how it will hold up to being washed a couple times a week. So far, so good.

  • Citykir - Works. You'll keep your sink cleaner, too.

    As other reviewers have noted: (1) Messy. (2) Effective. Not sure if any other package configuration could help solve for the mess. Guess the bright side is I wipe the sink down every time I use this, so clean sink!

  • Michael - Instant boost just when I need it

    This is a top not product the qualiaty is second to none, I can tell the company put some time caring and effort into the design and materials used for

  • gwtw - AZO Standard

    This item is extremely difficult to find in the area I live. This works great for temporary relief for urinary issues.

  • donfranko - Fantastic Product

    This is my second time using Wet and Forget. I bought the half gallon last summer to spray on the half of my concrete driveway that was covered in moss. The half gallon made 3 gallons of spray, enough to do half my driveway then, and after two months ALL the moss was completely gone, and now 6 months later, it's still clear. So I decided to buy two gallons of it and do our front sidewalk, and the entire driveway. One gallon of this made six gallons of spray, enough to do all our concrete walks and drive. I have no doubt it will work just as good this year, and I have the second gallon to do a followup if needed (but not expecting to have to do that, will probably use the second gallon for a treatment next year). Very pleased with this product. Before finding this, I tried scrubbing the moss off with brushes, and some bleach water, but that was extremely hard work, time consuming, and didn't really get rid of all of it. I highly recommend Wet and Forget, the easy way to resolve that moss problem.