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  • Matt Shank - My granddaughter loved these. She stomped around the house for hours ...

    My granddaughter loved these. She stomped around the house for hours looking at the lights. She is so excited to wear them to school.

  • twosms - This was a great item for as long as it lasted and that ...

    This was a great item for as long as it lasted and that wasn't long. I felt like when I was using it, I was clean for the first time in years. What a feeling. Almost indescribable! Too bad it didn't last. The pump quit working and now I am stuck with a unit that doesn't work.

  • resdon3 - I am not a distributor but I thought it was a great product.

    I lost several inches using the body wraps. However, if you don't use them correctly the wraps will not be effective. First of all you have to drink lots of water it helps keep you hydrated and gets the toxins out of your body. Secondly, before applying the wrap, I use witch hazel in the area where I am applying the wrap. Witch hazel opens up the pores and allows for the product to get into your system. When you wrap the most benefit is going to come from using a full treatment which is 4 wraps. The first time I wrapped I didn't see any results, I was at a wrap party drinking wine and eating nachos... so there you go. I did three more wraps and followed the protocal and lost several inches. People need to remember that the wraps tighten and firm but its supposed to go along with healthy eating and exercise. The reason I give the product 4 stars and not 5 is because I wished the results lasted longer. I am not a distributor but I thought it was a great product.

  • Amazon Customer - I cannot describe how amazing this stuff is

    Wow! I cannot describe how amazing this stuff is!!!! I have the most natural, bronze and beautiful tan from a tanning bed that I have ever had! Highly highly recommend it! And compare it to those $100 crap lotions you buy from the salon- this is not that expensive!

  • LJJC - THE BEST colon cleanser I have ever tried and trust me

    THE BEST colon cleanser I have ever tried and trust me, I have tried a TON of them. I'm losing 2 pounds a week and doing nothing different but taking these on a regular basis. When you go to the restroom you literally lose a good half a pound in waste. They say that the human body holds upwards to 40+ pounds of waste in the intestines at all times so this is not an exaggeration. It sounds gross, but when you check the toilet afterwards you'll be amazed at how much is in there EACH time, not just the first time. Lastly, it's gentle! You do not have that horrible uncomfortable laxative stomach pain. You just have a normal bowel movement feeling and when you go, it's like the gates of hell just opened out your intestines and let out a host of demons. (Ok, I added that part for a laugh) But seriously, I swear by this product so much that I just sent a bottle to my best friend as we go through our weight loss journey together. It works!!

  • Texas Mom - Didn't work for us

    I've given it to my 11 month old for a week now with no improvement. He makes a face like he sucked a lemon when I give it to him, so it must taste gross. Bummer because I really wanted this to help. I'm surprised at all the great reviews. I've been suspicious of Amazon's reviews since it started the "I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review" crap...now I'm even more doubtful.