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  • GeneL - Read the fine print prior to purchasing Acronis software. They only support for 30 days

    In Late April I ordered software, True Image 2016 for one computer and 2 days later I again ordered True Image 2016 (3 computer). I finally installed it on one PC in July. The back up failed. I tried again and it failed again with same VSS Snapshot error. I put it away and used Windows 10 back up. Yesterday, August, 10th I was ready to install it on 3 more computers so I tried to backup again and it again failed. So today I scanned Acronis support site and I did not find a fix or explanation. I did see and tried a support chat and I was notified my support had expired on 31 May, 30 days after I purchased the product and informed I have to pay for support email or chat. I will not pay their fee and I can't return it To Amazon but I can buy a better product with better support.

  • Carlos F. Aguilar Espaa - This will save you lots of money.

    This pump works absolutely perfectly. It will vacuum the air on your open bottle and preserve the integrity of your wine as if the bottle has never been opened. The stoppers get lost very often. I don't know if is because of their size or because your memory -or lack of it- after drinking your wine :-). The point is... if you tend to to leave wine bottles unfinished, this will save you lots and lots of money on wasted good wine. I bought another four extra stoppers already!!!

  • Nomad Snake - Brown kids gloves, what else is there to say ...

    Brown kids gloves, what else is there to say? They did their job admiably before one was lost. We shall give the remaining glove a proper burial at sea with full honors.

  • Garry G. Fujita - Does not play well with my computer

    I have a Dell 8500, Windows 8, i7 processor and 16 gb of ram. (This is pretty current as far as technology is concerned.) Roxio NXT will work and then not work. Videowave will shut down at random times. Finally, I was able to finish one production (part of which included extracting audio from a video on my camera and adding it to the final product). Then I went to burn the DVD but MyDvd would not encode the production. I could find no help at the Roxio website but found a blog on the internet speaking to the problem and it said that if you reboot the computer, and then open MyDvd, Roxio will burn the DVD. Voila, it worked by rebooting. Tonight when I went to do a new production, I tried extracting audio from another one of my videos from my camera. Every time I tried to extract audio ... something that worked 5 days ago ... Vidoewave closed. Rebooting did not solve this problem, so back to the internet to see if anyone else has had this problem and found a work around. I will now look for a more reliable program to replace this buggy product.

  • FurorCo - Danced until I broke my funny bone.

    Danced until I broke my funny bone. Ouuu it didnt feel to good or funny either. Oh boy it was like wow.

  • Kathryn Simmermon - We really don't like these seats

    We really don't like these seats. Both of my girls complain that they are uncomfortable and after an hour car ride, we have lots of tears. They look great, however...

  • Queenlacey11 - Love this shake mix.

    Have been on shape mix for 4 months now and have lost 32 pounds on it with that shakes and excersise!!!! Bought from the Visalis company the first mouth and then I found the same thing on amazon for a lot cheaper!!! But don't get discourage if u don't lose weight right away I was in for 3 weeks b4 I lost any weight on the shakes.