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  • Austen - Good but not great.

    I have a regular yoga mat from Gaiam and I like that one better. I don't think the extra thickness really helped as much as I had hoped it would. This mat also seems to be more slippery than my other one because I slip ever so slightly while trying to hold some poses. Go with the regular thickness.

  • Kelly - I can't seem to turn off the two lights at ...

    I can't seem to turn off the two lights at the top no matter what I do. This one is coming back to you.

  • F Flores - LOVE THIS STUFF

    Love this stuff! Read the reviews and decided to give it a try. I have to say it really seems to work. My pores did appear to be a bit smaller when I took it off. I really love that I don't have to mix anything, just brush it on. I've only been able to use it once so far as it says to use only once a week, but if the results continue the same as the first I will continue to be one happy customer!

  • Barny - this TV mount from Fortress mount is a perfect fit for you

    I needed another TV wall mount and all the ones I have currently has an adjustable arm that I can tilt and rotate and move the TV in practically all directions. I needed one that I have a specific spot for and I do not need it to move or rotate around so this works for my needs. If you need one that you do not need to move the TV around or one that you do not need access to the cable outlets frequently, this TV mount from Fortress mount is a perfect fit for you. Otherwise look at another TV mount. The Fortress Mount TV Wall Mount supports TV of 32-70" TVs up to 165 lbs and includes a 5-feet Braided HDMI Cable and a 6 Inch 3-Axis Magnetic Bubble for you to check that your installation is straight. I installed it into a wooden stub and it is stable. I have no complaints with this TV mount and it is what it is described. This is no other different than the ones sold online or in stores for a much higher price. Just get this than the ones in stores because of the price and it is of the same quality. I recommend this TV mount. It is also backed by a satisfaction guarantee. My TV I hang on is 42” and it works well.

  • Buckwheeze - Gilmour 8 ply flexogen Hose 75 feet

    We have had this hose for almost a year now, and we are very disappointed in how this hose handles. It is a very heavy hose and is made well, but when 75 feet of 5/8" hose is full of water it is very difficult to handle. The hose will loop up and tangle. I had a gilmour hose at my job as a school groundsman about 20 years ago and it was nothing like this hose. That is why I bought this new one. But have been very disappointed in how it handles. We are looking for another hose that is easier to handle. Maybe it is the length of 75 feet, when we should of bought a 50 foot hose. I don't know what the problem is, but sorry I cannot recommend it for another purchase. The hose is made extremely well and I don't for see any problems with it lasting a long time. Its just very hard for a 60 year old weak man to handle.

  • Filippos Vakalakis - Well done!

    I needed a shorter antenna for convenience (the old, longer one had to be taken out every time I entered the garage...).