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  • Amazon Customer - Worked for me!

    I never take the time to review anything, even if it's an amazing product. But this drink helped me get my dream job. With that being said, I first did a 7 day cleanse I bought at GNC, ran my ass off(all 7 days) and ate light salads for lunch and dinner. The day of my test I followed the instructions on this bad boy and 5 days later I received the good news. Good luck.

  • Denise Boote - Very strong mount!

    Very strong mount. it came in pieces that you had to assemble but it only took about 15 minutes to put it together and then it was easy to install onto our wall. It feels very secure in holding our 50" plasma TV. It's a universal mount so it should work with any TV, they give you a lot of bolts and screws so you can use the ones that are best for your TV and mount. If you're looking for a cheaper option to an already put together mount this is your best buy!

  • Chuck - Please tell me

    when does the s***ting stop. I can't take it anymore. I'm sorry for anything bad I've ever done in my life.

  • Jessica - I know can focus better in class

    Bought this to help supply me with energy along with coffee to get through class. I drink coffee on the regular, upwards of six cups a day and usually by mid afternoon I hit a crashing point. I did some research and found that ginseng can help supply energy throughout the day. I can tell a difference in my energy levels when taking this product, not only does it pair well with the caffeine in coffee but prevents the mid afternoon crash. I now can focus better in class.

  • Kyle - Stuck!

    This song gets stuck in my head so often. I didn't know it was Phil Collins until recently, so I had to get it.