Genovasi - This site is for Genovasi's Innovation Ambassador Development Programme participants. It's a collection of Design Thinking applications at work, in the areas of Environment, Empathy, and Experiment.

  • Redesign Learning Experience for Teachers PD - Redesign Learning Experience for Teachers PD As the specialist of learning solution and technologies, one of my core function is to deliver professional development (PD) training for teachers, school...
  • Road Safety As a Facilitator for Scoutmaster... - Road Safety As a Facilitator for Scoutmaster Learners (students from Year 4 – Year 6), I organized a session on enhancing safer transport features. With this session I knew I wanted to encourage the...
  • Innov8 Idea House As a lead facilitator, I was... - Innov8 Idea House As a lead facilitator, I was tasked to create an activity that emphasized innovation as a substitute for a treasure hunt during my Department’s team building and knowledge sharing...
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  • Department Meeting As the organizer of the... - Department Meeting As the organizer of the meeting, the main objective that I wanted to achieve at the end of the meeting was to finalize the agenda and details for the departmental trip to Singapore...
  • Smart Sorter I am the leader of an innovation... - Smart Sorter I am the leader of an innovation group comprising of my fellow colleagues who are teachers. We’ve been working on a solution to deal with issues in relation to sorting documents,...

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  • Geek Girls Rule - Oh so worth the price

    During the holidays I used my Mom's 20 year old set of Cutco knives and they were sharper than my 8 month old set of 'high end' knives. I asked her when they were sharpened last and she told me she had NEVER had them sharpened!! I had a set of not-cheap knives that were less than a year old and I was already unhappy with them and here's a set of 20 year old knives that looked better and were sharper than my almost new ones. After using her Cutco knives I knew I would not be happy with anything else. I had to save my pennies for many months to get them, but I am the very proud owner of a set of Cutco knives now.

  • Kitty - I love this stuff

    I love this stuff. I have a full head of hair but I was having trouble getting it to grow. That is why I began taking hair envy. Since I started taking it two weeks ago my hair has grown three inches. It is amazing. I did not believe it was going to work cause I have tried everything but it worked. I want to have hair down my back and I know that if I keep taking hair envy I will get what I want. I received this product in order to review it.

  • Rose-Bud - Step-by-Step Medical Coding 2013

    I really would suggest getting this book if you are preparing for the CPC exam. It breaks down the steps that is easy to understand. I love the exercise's within each chapter which help test your knowledge of what you learn. I did, however, find some error's in the chapter answer section. The book gave an answer that is a deleted code in the 2013 CPT book. There was only a few errors so other than that I find the book very useful to prepare for the exam.

  • Allan V. - and its touch sensitivity are phenomenal and the best protector I have ever used

    Had to try to reinstall 4 times, and STILL had a corner and an edge not completely adhere. Probably my fault if a spec of dust or grease in those 2 areas was left behind. I will say however, that the quality of the glass, and its touch sensitivity are phenomenal and the best protector I have ever used. I installed on an Nvidia Shield K1 tablet used exclusively for flying drones. You cant afford to miss a tap on the screen, especially if you are in a stressful, mechanical failure system while in the air. This screen provides me with complete security that when I tap on a setting, it WILL activate EVERY time!