What Is Self Insurance - Know About The Insurance Types - self-insurance - A system whereby a firm sets aside an amount of its monies to provide for any losses that occur-losses that could ordinarily be covered under an ...

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  • F. S. - I had a TERRIBLE flea problem

    I would give this product more stars if there were any more to give. I had a TERRIBLE flea problem. Tried all kinds of things. It was basically ruining my life. Nobody would come to visit me. I didn't even want to visit me. Dog was miserable. Then I remembered using this years ago and found it at Amazon. Got it. Spread it around (very easy). A week later....not a single flea and they've never come back. This stuff is a miracle in a bottle.

  • Martin A. Sala - One of the Best Optics Books I've Found!

    One of the best general-purpose texts I've seen on optics; all the math and a lot of practical applications as well. If you are a not fluent in the science and math, this text is probably beyond you; if you use this stuff in your everyday life and can deal with physics-level math - EXCELLENT!

  • stanislau - Dont waste your money with this

    Have used the hairmax laser comb advanced 7 for almost 4 months, and hair didnt got better in any way... Im just 28 years old with middle hair loss, and this was a complete waste of 330... Thanks god there are products that work well for me, like Lipogaine! Finaly I found something worth the money and have a head full of healthy hair now!

  • FoodNut - I like like mine soft poached so I knew I was ...

    Have a 1000W micro - I used power level 9 for 60secs - 1 large egg for experiment, 1st try. Let set for 30 secs. Guess what?? Came out hard poached. I like like mine soft poached so I knew I was getting closer at the 1st try. Whites were not 'rubbery' and yolk was solid. A real poached egg!! I did use room temp water and broke the egg into the little colander to drain off excess whites after using to fill to water line. Note, had to remove some water since the large egg I was using pushed the water to the top. It appears it will take some experimenting to get use to it but a far cry from trying the 'pan method' which I failed miserably at. Real poached eggs at last!!!