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Country:, North America, US

City: -94.566 Missouri, United States

  • J. Rambo - Decent tablet for the price

    We bought two of these for the kids over Christmas. I will agree with some of the points about the lack of sensitivity on the screen. We found you have to calibrate the screen and if you use the stylus, it works pretty well. It does a good job with Playon, watching movies, Netflix, most games we've tried (the ones that didn't work well may have been defective games -- Google Play is the Wild West sometimes...). It doesn't hold a super long charge, but you can expect at least an hour or two. I didn't like having only one camera, but for the price, I can't complain. We also were able to get Skype working between the two tablets.

  • Dennis - Completely happy with the program

    The key is to ALWAYS call McAfee tech support and let them take over the control of your computer and have them properly install this type of software. It seems that only they know how to remove ALL trace elements of pre-existing anti virus software that may exist on your computer which can cause big headaches down the line if they are not all completely removed. I once had to do a complete system restore over a software install. After that I started calling the makers tech support people and talking them into (for free), installing the software for me. This is a great anti virus program or it seems to work well for me. No slowing down of my computer when it updates or any other negative issues. Also warns you away from potential harmful sites if you weren't on guard anyway. Good product and a great price by buying simply the product key card.