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  • Amazon Customer - Always a good read

    I try to read each new edition of The Best American Essays, and I like that it brings together great essays from multiple sources. It introduces me to new authors, and I often buy individual books by some of the authors. It's always a worthwhile read, though with each year, your enjoyment will vary depending on how your taste lines up with the editor's.

  • Saragon - Lethal!!!!!

    Warning....lethal!!!!!. This product should clearly state the serious side effects on the packaging. Within 5 minutes of having placed this collar on my cat, she began foaming at the mouth profusely, her pupils were dilated and she began panting heavily. At first I had assumed that she had bit or chewed at the collar based upon the amount of saliva. However, very quickly, I realized that she was having a severe allergic reaction and I immediately removed the flea collar. Within the next 2-3 minutes after having removed the collar, she began to stagger, almost falling down the stairs. I quickly searched for an emergency veterinarian and ran down the stairs to pick her up and place in her carrier. By that point, I had picked her up by the nape of her neck and she was completely flacid, like a rag doll. I quickly drove to the vet where they whisked her into a resuscitation room; gave her oxygen, IV fluids and reversal agents to counter act the active drug in the Bayer Seresto Flea collar. They had to bathe her as well in order to prevent her from absorbing any more of the drug, even though she wore the collar for less than 5 minutes. The Vet was able to resuscitate her, however, if you have ever had to use an emergency Vet, it is exceptionally costly. Had I not been in the same room with my pet after I had applied the collar, she would have been dead in 5 more minutes. In fairness, I had used this collar on my other 2 cats with great results. However, there are no safety warnings on this product, no side effects listed, no instruction on what to do if your pet experiences them. I have been an emergency nurse for over 20 years and knew what I was seeing and was able to seek help quickly. In the future, there is no way I would ever use this product again or recommend it to anyone who loves their pet. I will be writing Bayer soon in hopes that they at least reflect the SEVERE potential side effects.

  • Anonymous - Great product

    I love the shampoo. The cap must have come loose in shipping because some of the contents leaked out. Fortunately, it was wrapped in plastic, so I was as able to use the shampoo that leaked into the wrap.I have sensitive scalp, but this is not irritating at all.

  • Joyce Bertilson - Disappointed

    Inside box and jar were very scuffed up when I received the product. Packaging appeared very old. Cream doesn't have the same consistency as product sold in their kiosks and appears that it is probably not the same. Also, jar was not even half full when it arrived. I weighed it before I used any and will weigh again when jar is empty to see if it really contained the amount stated. I would not buy this online again.

  • Chad - Excellent crossbars

    Fast delivery. They fit perfectly on my 2013 Honda CR-V. The instructions did not explain the steps necessary to mount the bars on a 2013 model but it was easy enough to figure out. Would have preferred better instructions.