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  • D. Holland - False advertising - no real diamonds were found in this cable.

    For the price I paid for this cable, I had expected it to be studded with diamonds, and I expected to be able to use it as a necklace and show it off when I went to the formal dinner with my rich relatives. This item is a terrible piece of jewelry!

  • Sanda - takes time but it works

    Definitely works really well it will not work overnight if you're trying to put on your wishes but it will take some time but it definitely works I've been doing it for awhile now and I think it works wonderfully and it's a lot cheaper than getting the prescription to help grow your eyelashes in this does the exact same thing with that being said I want to let you know that there are so many different ones to choose from as well but this one seems to be the best in my opinion and I also like to just put it on my skin when I mix it in with my lotions and it helps a lot too I hope this was able to answer your questions about any about this product you might have had if not go ahead and read some reviews as of this had a slight discount in exchange I'd be willing to review it for this company and go ahead and leave a review have a wonderful day and enjoy

  • Brian Voroselo - A staggering item of overwhelming power

    I purchased this shirt for a co-worker. I never saw her again. Once she put on this shirt she was eclipsed by a flood of brilliant light and disappeared into the gestalt. I have considered ordering this shirt for myself, but I am not sure if I am quite ready for apotheosis.

  • Walter Walton - substitute product

    This item was ordered because they did not have the Robanda product that I wanted, so I got this as a substitute..

  • Claudiabette - They work!

    These work. Nothing like a good cleanse after a binge. But as others have "bathroom" ready....just sayin'. I do get some stomach discomfort during the first 2 days but I REALLY think that is just me. I've always had stomach issues but I will put up with the first fews days of bathrooms runs and tummy aches to get rid of whats bloating me and get a good cleansing.

  • Melanie Hardy - great workout!

    My hubby got me this for my birthday. I am always looking for ways to change up my workout routine. I love it. It really works your legs, and rear, and burns alot of calories Plus it is quiet, so you can watch TV, listen to books or music without turning up the volume as loudly as you have to do with louder exercise equipment, such as a treadmill. You can vary your routine to work your abs also. I am burning about 400 calories in half an hour, which is great! It is not boring either. I alternate it with my Pilates, Taebo, and other workouts.

  • James - IT WORKS!!!

    i use this along with constant cleanse... i usually have a couple bottles of this and green clean in my cabinet... i take them about 2 hours prior to my monthly appointment and it works... i eat clean (plant based diet, low fat), drink a gallon of water/day and exercise regularly...