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  • http://handsonseminars.com/./testimonials/rachel-pt-01-astoria-ny-richard-finn Rachel (PT-01 - Astoria, NY - Richard Finn) - Hands On Seminars - I now have a more in depth concept, approach, and confidence in receiving better results when performing trigger point therapy with my patient's on a daily
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  • http://handsonseminars.com/./testimonials/heidys-m-august-6-7-2011-pt-01-ft-lauderdale-fl-richard-finn Heidys M. (August 6-7, 2011-PT-01-Ft. Lauderdale, FL-Richard Finn) - Hands On Seminars - Richard was just outstanding, not only his knowledge and great presentation. He was open to individual questions and clinical cases, also gave lot of diffe

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  • Will - Quality of Bose and Bass of Beats

    Was very excited to see my Bluetooth Headphones from TaoTronics arrive today. I normally don't review anything,but figure since my purchase was heavily decided by reviews I would share mine so others can benefit as well. For the price I paid for the device I wouldn't have expected it to be so neatly boxed as if I were opening a $500 new phone... I received everything described on amazon. Several different sizes to fit my ears. After trying different sizes I settled on the small hooks and covers.. The quality of the headset feels quite durable. I dreaded the "new purchase first charge" directions, but to my surprise it was fully charged within maybe 30 minutes. The pairing was quite easy, at first i was a little impatient and wasn't holding the button long enough because I would let go when i saw the blue light blink. I soon found holding it longer it would alternate between blue and red which was pairing mode. Well, after playing a few songs ranging from Calvin Harris and DNCE I determined my purchase is among my best decisions.. Let's just say i find it hard you will find a better Bluetooth headset when you weigh cost against quality. If you read one sentence the next is the one to read. If Bose and Beats were to come together, you would have this Bluetooth headset. You get the best of both sound quality and bass. This is my first experience with TaoTronics but will not be my last. I can't imagine how good the rest of the their products are and I expect I will be trying more soon. Also, you can't beat the quality experience you get when ordering from Amazon, especially if you have a prime account...

  • T. Rhino - Not bad and good focus on Bible

    Dr. Hitchcock repeats a lot of previously known information that has been on the internet for some years and collects this material succinctly around the bigger question of whether it matches up with Bible prophecy. He hints that it may, but that in the end Mayan or other extrabiblical sources should not be put on a par with biblical authority. No argument with that, but another new book that came out this month that I thought was far more "fresh" in the sense that it actually presents a lot of new, if not outright disturbing information is the book "Apollyon Rising 2012" by Dr. Thomas Horn, which digs up many other cultures who also fixated on the year 2012 and how this is even incorporated into the design of the US Capitol Dome, the Great Seal of the United States, and the stories of the ancient Watchers, the Giants in a fantastic way. I recommend you read both of these books - the one by Dr. Hitchcock and the one by Tom Horn for the best combined material from Christian scholarship on the subject of 2012 and Bible Prophecy.

  • kenneth bittner - trash, save your money

    The reason i'm only going to give the two stars is because of the 10 day cleanse phase. The cleanse phase works well it's the products after the cleanse phase that are garbage. The meal replacement shake and the MNS pills that are terrible. I got so sick from these supplements I couldn't even get off the couch. Blur vision, headaches, beyond tired, etc. Mind you I'm a very healthy eater as it is and exercise 4 times a week.Save your money because this is definitely not what it is said to be.

  • Michelle - Not recommended

    I used this product for 5 months. At first I really liked my results but over time Nerium clogged my pores around my chin. It gave me blackheads, zits, and little white bumps called Millia (which is hardened oil underneath the skin) that wouldn't pop. It almost looked like I had red rashes on both sides of my chin because my pores were so clogged and my skin was so damaged. I have never in my life had acne, not even as a teenager (I'm 32) so I know that my skin issues were a result of using Nerium. I've stopped using the product and it has taken my skin about another 5 months to clear up with the proper treatment and products. Be careful with long term use of Nerium.