Health Star Clinic - Montgomery & Prattville Pain Management Clinics - Health Star Clinic offers pain management programs to treat painful conditions with medical treatments, chiropractic adjustments or physical treatments.

  • About Health Star Clinic - Pain Management In Montgomery & Prattville - At Health Star Clinic, we want you to leave our office healthier & happier. We’re ready to help you reach your healthcare goals.
  • Pain Management Services - Health Star Clinic in Montgomery & Prattville - Health Star Clinic offers pain management services with a team of medical doctors, chiropractors & physical therapists to help you achieve pain relief.
  • Medical Pain Management | Medical Treatments in Montgomery & Prattville - Our multidisciplinary medical pain management team of board certified medical doctors treats patients with acute and severe chronic pain conditions.
  • Chiropractic Clinic in Montgomery & Prattville - Health Star Clinic - Our chiropractic clinic uses spinal adjustments and spinal decompression therapy to bring your body’s musculoskeletal structure back to a natural alignment.
  • Physical Therapy For Pain Management | Health Star Clinic - We provide physical therapy services to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function & prevent disability for our patients.
  • Medical Equipment For Rehabilitation | Braces And Support - We provide medical equipment such as belts, traction units, pillows, braces and support to aid our patients in their recovery & rehabilitation.
  • Painful Conditions We Treat - Health Star Clinic In Montgomery & Prattville - Our pain management specialists at Health Star Clinic diagnose & treat a wide variety of painful conditions including chronic pain, back & neck pain & more.
  • Chronic Pain Clinic | Pain Relief Treatments in Montgomery - Our chronic pain clinic provides a variety of treatment programs that focus on the diagnosis and management of chronic pain.
  • Drug-Free Neuropathy Treatments | Peripheral Neuropathy Pain Relief - Using the latest in technology, we offer non-surgical, non-drug and non-invasive neuropathy treatments to help you live a pain-free & enjoyable life.
  • Headache Treatment Clinic | Migraine Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - Our headache treatment clinic is in Montgomery.& Prattville and we treat a variety of headaches including migraines, tension headaches & cluster headaches.
  • Fibromyalgia Pain Treatments | Treat Fibromyalgia Pain - Health Star Clinic treats fibromyalgia pain by creating individualized plans, making sure each patient gets the treatment best suited for their needs.
  • Arthritis Treatment | Arthritis Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - We determine the factors of your arthritis condition & create a personalized arthritis treatment plan to help relieve your pain & regain mobility in joints.
  • TMJ Treatment | TMJ Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - Health Star Clinic’s goal is to provide TMJ treatment plan by diagnosing your condition & locating the root cause for your discomfort.
  • Muscle Pain Treatment | Muscle Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - Our dedicated team of pain management specialists will help uncover the cause of your pain & prepare a muscle pain treatment plan for healing to begin.
  • Back Pain Treatment | Back Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - Health Star Clinic can help reduce your back pain & stabilize the muscles that support your spine with a personalized back pain treatment plan.
  • Lower Back Pain Treatment | Low Back Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - We offer innovative nonsurgical solutions for lower back pain. Our goal is to help relieve your pain fast by personalizing a lower back pain treatment plan.
  • Upper Back Pain Treatments | Upper Back Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - We provide upper back pain treatments that help you experience pain relief & physical therapy modalities that help correct & sustain upper back pain relief.
  • Sciatica Treatments | Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - We have a variety of sciatica treatments to customize an approach that can effectively reduce the inflammation of the sciatic nerve & eliminate pain.
  • Herniated Disc Treatments | Bulging Disc Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - Non-surgical herniated disc treatments that are designed to repair the damage to your spinal disc & strengthen the muscles & joints around your spine.
  • Neck Pain Treatments | Neck Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - We provide neck pain treatments to stop pain & prevent it from returning with spinal adjustments or physical therapy to relieve neck strain.
  • Knee Pain Treatments | Knee Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - We provide a variety of non-surgical knee pain treatments for knee pain conditions such as osteoarthritis, knee injuries, daily wear and tear & more
  • Shoulder Pain Treatments | Shoulder Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - We provide optimal shoulder pain treatments to help your shoulder pain condition with physical therapy, chiropractic or medical pain management procedures.
  • Elbow Pain Treatments | Elbow Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - We offer various elbow pain treatments that help reduce pain, increase mobility & strengthen muscles around your elbow joint.
  • Swollen Feet Treatments | Ankle Swelling Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - Our team of medical doctors, chiropractors & pain management specialists work together to provide our patients with treatments for swollen feet & ankles.
  • Treatments For Pain Relief | Treat Back Pain, Neck Pain & Injuries - Health Star Clinic offers non-invasive treatments for pain relief & minimally invasive medical treatments for most conditions & painful symptoms.
  • Medical Treatments For Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - We offer medical treatments for pain relief such as nerve blocks, non-steroid injections, joint injections, ankle nerve blocks & knee injections.
  • Knee Pain Injections | Knee Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - At Health Star Clinic we provide knee pain injections for knee pain. Our injections are used to relieve suffering from intense pain in the knees.
  • Joint Pain Injections | Joint Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - Health Star Clinic provides joint pain injections for patients who are suffering from pain in their joints by relieving inflammation & reducing pain.
  • Nerve Block Treatments | Nerve Blocks For Pain Relief - Health Star Clinic - We provide nerve blocks for pain relief to treat chronic pain without the side effects. Nerve blocks can treat neck, upper back & shoulder pain.

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