Home - Helping to Heal - Without Harm through Subtle Healing, Massage, and EFT. - Helping to Heal is a small group practice in natural healing therapies, located in the prairie town of Tracy in SW Minnesota, USA. We use therapies which are so safe and gentle that most need no licensure whatsoever. We work with folks who have chronic emotional and physical conditions ranging from bedwetting to Alzheimer’s and cancer, some of this work available by phone or email.

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  • M. Orgolini - Changed my Life

    The Body Ecology Diet changed my life! It is a new way of combining and cooking foods that my body loves. No more sugar, wheat, dairy, alcohol . . . would seem to be a difficult thing to accomplish. I am amazed by the wonderful new receipes I have learned from this book. My whole approach to cooking has changed. I can now savor the taste and smell of the vegetables and find carrots to be wonderfully sweet. My sweet tooth is now satisfyed with vegetables. I never would have believed that my cooking would look so beautiful as a result of all the bright veggies I use in my meals. I had never even heard of raw fermented veggies until I started this book. Now, I can't imagine not enjoying them everyday. You will never be sorry for reading this excellent book. I can honestly say that I will be on this course of wholesome fresh food for the rest of my life.

  • BRUCES - life is a little better now that the pretenders have a new album

    i am a big time pretenders fan so i was of course hoping i would not be disappointed after listening to this album and thankfully i was not..."the man you are' is worth the price for this album...i enjoyed this album from start to finish...a little different than your usual pretenders album but not so much so that you'll be put off by it and of course chrissie sounds in absolute top form on every track and her songwriting is in top form...a worthy addition for the pretenders catalogue

  • Amazon Customer - Love it! The only negative is the lids leak ...

    Love it! The only negative is the lids leak a tad when blending and also drinking occasionally but other than that it is a wonderful product

  • Steve Cote - tan sunless

    did some on line research and found this product for my girlfriend... got it directly on line from tan physics website... bought 5 bottles and 1 tanextender for $ 20 a bottle... no tax or shipping... she loves it... we were spending $14 a week on 2 bottles of banana boat at walmart ...it was the best of the cheap ones but it was orange ...smelled and made her skin dry ... and it was $56 a month ... the 5 bottles of tan physics has lasted almost 3 months... looks natural... smells good and makes her skin soft as silk... and the tan extender is nice...total cost $120 fo 3 months... the banana boat cost was $168 for 3 months and we got a way better product... and a tan extender... amazon is charging way more for it thru 3rd party sellers... go to thetan physics website and start your order and then back out or dont complete and they offer u free shipping and discounts... good luck !

  • Susan Rosenblum - Affresh Review

    Product works great! Got rid of the smell in my washing machine that I had for years! Use as directed. 3 rounds for first use and 1 Tablet once a month thereafter. Too bad Whirlpool doesn't tell you about this from the start.

  • cammraj - This is so cool. First mine came it a really cool box ...

    This is so cool. First mine came it a really cool box (I'm a box addict) and it not a really hard plastic. But it stiff enough. It's great for people like my husband who need a good trim. He let's it grow wild and out of control, then just cuts it all off. But he used this and it looked great. Tamed. I loved it being the person who looks at him everyday lol.