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City: -122.3933 California, United States

  • K. F. P. Culotta - Overall a good house for your dogs. Big enough for two big dogs.

    I've own this house for more or less a couple years and let me tell you is still out there. My dog uses it as a ramp to get over another crate that we have beside it, and it has hold just right. The only problem with the house is attaching on the roof panels when assemble at home (it comes in 8 unique pieces inside a LCD TV like box). The other bad thing about this house is not staying in one piece when two big dogs decide to play rough inside the house. With big dogs, is likely that a wall or the back panel get unattached from the whole body. But that wont affect the house. You will just have to prompt your dogs to play somewhere else and just snap back in the wall or panels that detached.

  • wonderful wedges - Everything everyone should know

    This book confirms everything I have researched. I was having serious issues with gas and bloat after eating meals. Particularly after lunch and horrible by night. Then it evolved in to reflux. Then I started to get this horrible sharp annoying pain under my left rib that radiated to my back. I went to a GI doc and was told I had IBS. Really? I had no bathroom issues except the occasional upset stomach but gas and bloat was the symptom. I was put on Zoloft, an acid reducer and an antispasmodic for my pain under my rib. I researched and found out about SIBO, the SCD and BETAINE HCL. It turns out we all lose the potential to make this as we age. We don't grow more hair, hormones or muscle as we age so why more acid? This pill saved my life. I wasn't digesting my food. It was sitting in my lower intestine and fermenting causing bad bacteria which out weighed the good I was taking. The pain in my side was gas.