Anonymous - Anonymous - Bavolex is a natural IBS remedy that treats irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) quickly and effectively. It's scientifically formulated based on several clinical studies.

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  • pbk63 - Very useful book

    I have bought this book for many years for use in conjunction with HR Block tax software. While much of this can be found in the HR Block software it is very handy to have this book for reference as issues come up during the year. And the introduction which discusses items that are new this year is a helpful review. As taxes get more and more complicated every time they try to simplify things having a reference in book form is extremely helpful. If it saves you from making even more tax mistake it is well worth having in your library.

  • Teatime2 - Great edition, easily searchable

    This Kindle edition of the New American Bible is everything I need including being able to easily search and check notes to the text and links to other Bible verses. Very nice.

  • Amazon Customer - It didn't make me feel jittery like a lot of diet products

    This is my first day trying this product. It didn't make me feel jittery like a lot of diet products. I'm excited to continue this products and to see results!

  • ikv816 - what a difference

    I have been using this for the last 7 days and I feel less tired. I feel better in general. I heard about this product from my father and he kept telling me how much better he feels since he started using it. So I decided to give it a try and i am so glad i did. The taste isnt the best but i can tolerate it. I have been taking it with v8 splash and that seems to work better for me. I feel that it works for me but not everything works for everybody all you can do is try it ..Right?

  • melray65 - Good product. Made well and easy to clean

    Good product. Made well and easy to clean. Makeup goes on light and does a good job at coverage. I don't use it daily but usually just once a week when I have time. I'm not fast at applying the makeup or cleaning the the airbrush so I do not use this for a quick makeup session. Took me several tries to get the distance from my face. The makeup it comes with is just OKAY. I haven't tried any other brands but one of my makeup container lids will not close due to poor design. I plan to research and buy a different brand of makeup to use with this airbrush.

  • Marty - Excelletn 2016 revision

    Works much like prior versions of True Image. Use the options button which is at the bottom of the opening screen to turn off all the cloud crap if you do not want that stuff (I don't), and to set up your scheduled backups. Also, I went into Windows Start up and turn off(disable) all the Acronis stuff that wants to load at start up (most programs do this, Acronis is not alone at this annoying feature).

  • Michael Ruppin - Not truly multiplayer on Xbox One! Only the high score is saved per round.

    We own several Just Dance titles for Wii. My kids and their friends love them. They enjoy competing for top scores on their favorite songs. Dancer Card set up for each title was more cumbersome than picking existing Miis, but ultimately this was not a big deal and each kid could save their score on their Dancer Card. We only have two wiimotes, but at least two kids could compete and keep scores at the same time by associating their Dancer Card with their wiimote after the song selection. The descriptions and other reviews I've read for the Xbox One version are very misleading about multiplayer features and scoring. I specifically got this title for Xbox One instead of Wii because you can have "up to six players at a time", and the manual states "Use your Dancer Card to track your progress ... shows your stats and personal progress". However, on Xbox One, only one profile is active in the game at a time. The game does not use the kinect to recognize anyone playing, nor can you associate a "Dancer Card" per player like you can in other versions. Instead, each player is associated with a "coach". The coaches have the same default names as the default Dancer Cards in other game versions, but you cannot change them. After a dance is complete, the highest score amongst all the coaches is awarded to the Xbox One profile in use. All other scores are thrown away. This completely defeats the purpose of having multiple players in my scenario. Effectively, now there is only one player at a time, and if they want to be sure to record their score, not the best of the current dancers, they cannot even have anyone else on the dance floor with them. This is much worse than what I had on Wii. Add to this the poor kinect implementation in this game mentioned also in other reviews, and I wonder why you would buy this for Xbox One if you could buy it for some other game system.