idnutra | ID Nutra is a company specialised in supplying nutraceuticals and nutritional ingredients for the health and wellness industry - Tongkat Ali is a medicinal plant popularly known for its aphrodisiac effects and a tonic for vitality and energy in men. In Vietnam, the herb is called Cay Ba

  • Company | idnutra - ID Nutra is a company specialised in supplying nutraceuticals and nutritional ingredients for the health and wellness industry. Our aim is to become the
  • Bone and Joint Health | idnutra - Healthy bone mass from childhood protects future health. Nutrients have specific influence in bone metabolism, especially in menopausal women at risk for sudden
  • Cardio Health | idnutra - Heart health is still the number one cause of mortality and cost of treatment in our society. Conditions as arthritis, hypertension, stroke and ischemic heart
  • Children’s Nutrition | idnutra - Children have a different physiology to adults. This is the reason why some nutrients are needed in much higher quantities than in adults. Examples are clearly
  • Cognitive Nutrition | idnutra - The importance of cognitive health for consumers is more than any other health issue. An US 2015 study, (Natural Marketing Institute (NMI)), regarding concerns
  • Healthy Ageing | idnutra - The increasing share of the older consumers amongst the overall population is opening for new product opportunities as well as raising demands for product
  • Performance Support | idnutra - Sports nutrition is designed with the focus of additional nutritional needs related to extra physical performance. Traditionally, sports nutrition was related
  • Weight Management | idnutra - Solutions for weight management are much in demand from many consumers, and in particular solutions that can fit into personal lifestyles, which is the reason
  • Other Areas | idnutra - To stay competitive food industry must constantly innovate. Consumers wants variety and new choices. Life style trends affect the food industry as much as any
  • Seaweed – the new black for pregnant women? | idnutra - Amongst urban food trends hitting these years is clearly the popularity of seaweed. Seaweed comprises all the things the modern consumer is looking for:
  • Consumer Health Next Generation of Essential Supplements | idnutra - Consumers want preventative health solutions that are logic and well documented. Many concepts are on the market, but few are really addressing the root of
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  • Steve S - Product okay, customer service terrible.

    I have used this product for over 6 months without a problem,other than slowing the computer down. Now it keeps shutting down or not starting at all. I have contacted customer support several times via email and chat. The people at chat are useless. The emails take about 3 days to get an answer. I wasted a whole day waiting for them to call me after being told they would phone me shortly. They never did call. I am now searching for a better product. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

  • Matt Wheeler - Confusing Math Section

    I am not done with the book, but I am not liking the math section so far. I am finding myself stumped on a lot of these example problems. I need more guidance I guess. They start off with the very basics of the concept with some examples questions. Then, they throw much harder versions of the problems that they call "nightmare problems". I'm getting many of these wrong and there are no explanations for them just the answer key. I can go back and reread the section, but it is no help. I am starting to feel like I am wasting my time reading this.

  • Mark B. - fits perfect

    This shade fits the CMAX perfectly and stays in place. The edges are finished and the material is not cheap lightweight like others. A quality product at a fair price that does what it is supposed to.

  • Jason Y. - Great product, when you follow the instructions

    Thought the application was easy. The biggest thing was the product needed to be properly prepared(I think the instructions say to shake for at least 5 - 10 minutes) or else it would not achieve the desired results or apply properly. Not only does it work great after it is applied, but it is a great workout on the arms with the shaking.

  • J. Sullivan - Not so good

    I thought it ended abruptly like the author got tired of writing. Most of it seemed out of character based on what I learned about her reading My Sister`s Grave.

  • Angel - So far so good

    Got them for the lenovo y700 15", easy to install and been working great until now, i really recommend them for heavy work like video editing or 3d rendering!

  • Amazon_Customer - Not the best

    I am a loyal Asics customer and usually buy about 2-3 pairs a year for work and exercise, etc. I bought these for less than 30 on eBay. They run a tad bit small. Very flimsy and quite warm (I live in the desert so that is disappointing). Anything above $30 I wouldn't say is worth it for these.