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  • Alan E. Schmidt - Furry Feet

    My girlfriend had moved in 2 months ago. It was time to meet the parents. I needed to present myself and show my worthiness of this goddess they call their daughter.

  • Randy Williams - i think i am in love

    my wife has a macbook air which set me back over a grand. i could not pay that much again but i also wanted a light and easy to use machine for myself. i also wanted it to be very thin with a solid state HD. well, this thing is awesome and all for $250. the only concern i had was if i could use it offline. when i realized that i could, i was thrilled.

  • Kristin - Good quality

    This is the first Essie polish I've used and I'm in love. I was surprised that I only needed one coat even though I opted for two. It's shiny and a perfect red. So glad I bought it!

  • tallslenderguy - decent product, greedy company

    The product is fine, but adding a little chicory root and stevia and calling it a "proprietary blend" then price gouging means a lost customer in this case.

  • Veggiemommy - Best meltable vegan cheese on the market

    This is the best meltable vegan cheese on the market today. Like others have reviewed, it's not great right out of the package. It's awesome melted on pizza, burritos, etc. You can make it into a cheesy sauce on the stove top by mixing in a little vegan soy or nut milk. The only reason I don't give it a five star is that it is not a direct substitute for the animal based cheeses on the market. There is room for improvement. Probably in another decade vegan cheese will replace animal based cheese because it's more affordable and healthier to consume.

  • Akasha312 - One of the best products that I was blessed to be introduced to ...

    One of the best products that I was blessed to be introduced to by a friend . Some people eat to live and some people live to eat , I love food but didnt always make the best choices and no matter how many different CRAZY diets I did it always felt like I was suffering and would either get sick or disappointing by how they made me feel . I'm happy to say that since I started using natures burn I feel 1 much much more energy, 2 I feel healthier than ever and 3 it suppresses my appetite to a point that I am no longer "eating with my eyes" and craving unhealthy foods but actually eating the good foods that my body craves. I can honestly say that if you give this product a try you will love it ! I don't hold back my cravings at all because now I crave only what my body actually wants and needs

  • ValK - Loved the original - fun

    Loved the original - fun, lively and your typical summer release - just like the old James Bond flicks. I wasn't looking for a blockbuster here - just a wild, fun summer release like the original or something from way back. Well - this movie sucked in comparison to the original. Shame on the original cast members and the new producers for taking this on. Everything crapped out with this flick - actors and their acting, script, plot .. you name it - a dead bore!!! Honestly, I would have been happy with a near duplicate of the original and less embarrassed at the outcome. In the end this is a case of someone owning the rights and cheaply cashing in on that.