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  • Travis Tortorige - Worked on an old Prius.

    2005 Prius. 350,000 miles. Blown head gasket. This car isn't worth the labor for a HG replacement - even if I do it myself. I followed the instructions and this stuff actually worked. I went from blowing out nearly all coolant within 20 miles to sealing it up completely. I have about 2 months and 2000 miles with no loss in coolant. For me, it worked.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Product !!

    the item came quicker than expected, also it was very very easy to install, and it looks so nice lit up, goes perfect with the motodynamic Finder eliminator. install on my 2014 Kawasaki Ninja 636

  • Dane - serious bang for the buck

    A very good stereo for around $100. Normally i go with Alpine but spotify hasn't been the best with my older alpines. I cant speak on newer.

  • Richard Dryden - Rc car from keliwow

    Rear driveline fell out in 5 minutes of use. Had to take apart and fix it. Next day car would not go forward only reverse. Ordered module and replaced it to fix it. Ran o k for now. Car was lemon out of box. Needs more quality control

  • K. Angotti - Really liked it

    This is a cool walking stick. As my kids have gotten older we go camping and hiking more. There is a trail we like that has a small part where we hike through a stream in a small canyon. I normally just find a good stick and make due. But this time I used this walking stick. Man was I impressed. This thing is cool. Not only did it do a great job helping me stay balanced but the spring feature was really nice. One nice feature was how I could shrink it as to not take up a lot of space when I was not using it. And I can easily adjust it to my height when I get it out to use it. Disclosure: I received this product for free or on a promotional discount for my honest review and they are 100% my own opinions and I am not required to give a good review. I know how important reviews can be to people who are interested in buying this product, what I include is what I actually think about the product and my opinion alone.

  • MGSchaaf - Not sure yet

    Well, I had trouble loading it on two of my laptops. But after many attempts got it. Not sure what the issue was. I hope it's doing what it's suppose to do. I had a 2012 with the update, so not sure I gained anything. Hate that it detects a Trojan virus everytime I use a USB device.

  • Little River - A fun experience

    This kit is fun to use, and is very easy for the home brewer with no experience.The "just add water" concept leaves you wanting a little more from the experience. But, I wanted to brew my own beer, not spend all day in the kitchen so it's not bad. I had the wort done and my first batch fermenting in under an hour, though over half of that time was spent washing and sanitizing all the equipment. I tried the winter ale refill first, not the pilsner or cerveza that come with the kit. I felt like I followed directions perfectly, even following the 2/2/2 rule (2 weeks fermenting, 2 weeks carbonating, 2 weeks bottle conditioning). The beer I ended up with was too strong and too carbonated. The only thing I can think of is that since this was more of a dark ale it needed more time to develop. Anyway I'm looking forward to starting the process over with another flavor and seeing if it gets any better.