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  • Spencer - Just okay

    I had high hopes for this considering the feedback. I was not impressed for the cost it was. The cushioning and fabric are comfortable for the child, cup holder is nice, and it does steer nice. The front wheels at times do vibrate and the plastic wheels do not make this a very smooth ride. For the price I was hoping the wheels would have been rubber. I don't consider this any better than a Chicco. I am keeping this stroller and it will work fine for us, but for other potential buys I do believe you are paying the high price for the name only.

  • Cyndie Loo - i'll start out by telling you that i had previously read some of the HILARIOUS reviews on these bad boys - "The Brown Wedding"

    Okay, i'll start out by telling you that i had previously read some of the HILARIOUS reviews on these bad boys - "The Brown Wedding", "Mt. Anus" and many many more - it wasn't until recently that those reviews would be my saviors.....I recently had some "issues" with going u-no-what....I tried maalox, metimucil and one other over the counter solution - to no avail.....so, the other day, feeling super crappy (or not i should say) I was walking through a local store and saw these little critters - I had to give it a try - maybe this would be my lucky day - I ate 6 of them and within an hour i was getting a mental picture of me holding the dynamite detonator in my hands - then the explosion came - WORKED LIKE A CHARM...just sayin - the metamucil was $8.50 and these little bastards are only $1.49 - Why would someone NOT buy them...I'm sold for sure :)

  • Super-Cool - Quality

    I've been using Webroot for almost 13 years. With Webroot you can feel secure knowing your computer is protected. I've just recently purchased the Webroot SecureAnywhere Complete. This product is not only protecting my PC, and laptop, but I have it on both of my smartphones. Protection all around. For my smartphones it will locate it if lost or stolen. If stolen will remove all data. Security, you can't put a price on that.


    I couldn't put it down till the end. I enjoyed it fully although horrified of what our prison system is like. I can't wait for another. I've read all of the Dillard series. My husband and I love your books!