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  • firewalker - Good fit.

    Top has a good fit and looks good. Hold down clamps are a little difficult to deal with. Overall a good bed cover for the price.

  • barracuda - this works normal

    This is the second yr I tried purchasing the McAfee Total Protection for 3 pcs. This yr, the setup procesee is even simpler because you don't need to uninstall the existing antivirus program; it recognizes I have an existing McAfee Total Protection so it just replace it with the new software. I am confident with it as I used it last yr & my pcs are protected all along. Best for me is I save myself a lot by using this to set up new subscription as compared to just clicking the "renewal" from McAfee's reminder to renew message (that costs me much more than what I paid for at's price). I recommend to all who need the antivirus software.

  • Mamma bear - In love with this case!

    This case is beautiful, functional and durable. It matches the color of my iPad perfectly. It almost looks like a miniature version of my macbook, but in pink. The iPad snaps securely into the case with ease. My only complaint is that it is a little tough to get it out, but that is not a deal breaker by any means. It is a little small, so it takes some getting used to typing on it. Typing on this small keyboard is a lot like typing on a netbook. I love that the keys light up, just like my macbook. The only difference is you can make the keys light up in different colors. There are 7 different light color options. The case charges up fairly quickly. Once you turn it on, it automatically turns off when you close it, and turns on when you open it. Not only that but the iPad itself goes into sleep mode when you close the case, and wakes up when you open it. The case is a sturdy aluminum, which is great protection for the iPad. I had a different iPad bluetooth keyboard once that only had a little thing that stuck out in the back to prop it up. I could only use it on a flat surface, and only at one angle. That is another reason that I really love this case. It is hinged like a laptop. You can use it in your lap with the screen at any angle you want without it falling. It stays put very nicely. As far as the charge goes, It takes a few hours to charge, but it keeps a charge for a very long time. I have only charged it once in about a week and a half.

  • Paula Davis-Hodgkin - I like this game very much

    I like this game very much. It make you think, and work hard to do the game. I would tell my friends about the game.

  • Johann Erik Gonzalez - Works great with Windows 8 Pro

    Downloaded the installer for Antivirus 2013 to update my current active subscription and installed in my Windows 8 Pro laptop. Works great! I don't know why some reviewers have problems in Windows 8... perhaps the built in software was not disabled? Either that or there's an existing virus on the system preventing the antivirus to work properly.

  • Book Worm - If brushing is a battle, try Tropiclean foam and/or gel products

    This is another great product from Tropiclean. No more struggling with a toothbrush. I use the foam as well as this gel because it is much easier on me and the dogs. I've presented the foam as a treat and can spray each side with no fuss. I also use this gel about once or twice a week and they love the minty taste. With stage 3 gum disease on one of my dogs, the Tropiclean products have reduced the tarter buildup significantly with using these products for only about 3 months. The difference is so obvious that the veterinarian asked me what I was using and wants to recommend it to other owners as anything she can suggest to prevent surgery is worth sharing. Plus, bad doggie breath is a thing of the past and they are almost back to puppy breath! Definitely can handle being breathed on without turning my head away. Highly recommend! I know a brush would be ideal, but these products are a great alternative when the struggle is more than you can handle.