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  • Maria Hernandez - Great little charger!

    This is a great charger. Great build quality and both of the ports are sturdy. The higher power output charges my iPhone 6 plus faster than the apple brand iPhone charger. I recommenced this product to anybody that is looking for a new charger.

  • Jessica Evans - Great Tool Kit, Has Everything I Need

    I received this product today and I opened the package and used the tools immediately on my skin. I normally suffer with many blackheads on my nose and chin. The tools in this kit easily remove them which I was very pleased with. The kit came with a small sheet of instructions on how to use the tools which was very nice but I still looked up a couple of instructional videos on youtube just to be sure I was using the tools correctly. I have been struggling with blackheads my entire life. I have tried different face washes, different serums, and even blackhead clearing nose strips. I have found that the only things to work have been the nose strips and this very kit. I have very sensitive skin so I try to avoid the washes, scrubs and serums because I never know what is going to react with my skin. I am happy that I have another method to remove the blackheads that does not include putting chemicals all over my face. This is really good for the stubborn blackheads that just will not come out. It is also nice because it puts pressure surrounding the blackheads and does not tear up my skin like using my nails would normally. I would recommend this to anyone who suffered with stubborn blackheads.

  • Christopher L. - Solid Remaster, But Description Contains a Major Misrepresentation on Amazon's Part

    My main purpose in purchasing this CD was for the bonus material. However, the Experience Version contains three CDs, not four as stated by Amazon. Furthermore, this edition contains twenty-seven demos on one disc, not thirty-five demos over two discs. So, unless Amazon is selling a special edition (I did extensive research in deciding whether to purchase this or the $119 Immersion version, and did not see any mention of this anywhere), this version contains three CDs.

  • GPSIIR - Avoid at all costs!

    I used a program called 3D Home Architect about 15 years ago to design the house I built and live in. When it came time to finish my basement, I had hoped that this evolution of that program would be even better. Instead, it is close to being the worst piece of software I have ever seen or used (and I've been a computer geek for over 35 years). It is anything but intuitive. I'll give just a couple of examples. The previous programs I've used, you merely had to identify which floor you were building, and the program would automatically make adjustments in wall types etc. There is no easy way to do this with this program. When you want to add EXTREMELY common items to the plan (such as placing an electrical sub-panel or bathroom sink), you simply opened up a well populated library of objects and grabbed the desired object on the plan. I tried to place a bathroom sink, but none of the bathroom sinks that are in the program come even close to resembling a normal bathroom sink. When I *finally* found an electrical subpanel and tried to place it on the plan, nothing happened, at least I didn't think it did. When I zoomed in 400%, I could see a tiny circle with an "e", which was suppose to be the electrical panel. If I can, I will be getting my money back.

  • Jess - Interesting facts and stories

    I read this all in a few days. Each fact is only a few pages long, but packed with the necessary details.

  • QuadATeam - I have to say that so far so good with the insect control

    I have to say that so far so good with the insect control. I will have to reevaluate come September which is "spider season " up here. Although it is for insects and vermin, it doesn't really specify which insects that it repells and which ones it doesn't. I'm more concerned about the spider's because I have had some pretty good sized ones in my home and I am concerned about my kids. I have received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review. One more thing that I remembered to add to this review. I have 2 dogs, a bunny, and a couple of chickens in the house. None of them seemed to be bothered by the product, which was a big concern for me. I also wanted to say that I usually get a few bees in the house somehow every year, still haven't figured out how, but anyways I haven't had one so far this summer since having this product.

  • S. Thornton - Love the product, but......

    The product is great but I am so very disappointed with Suki in their attempt to disguise the fact that they have reduced the toner from a 4 oz. bottle to a 3.4 oz. The new bottle is a full two inches taller and the circumference went from 6" to 5" and the glass base is 2 1/2 times thicker than the previous one. I've used Suki for years and love the product but beginning to question the integrity of the company. I realize that, but just raise the price, or even reduce the amount of product but don't try to camouflage the fact.