Overview :: Tonix Pharmaceuticals Holding Corp. (TNXP) - Tonix Pharmaceuticals is developing new therapies for central nervous system disorders. Tonix targets conditions with unmet medical need, inadequate existing treatment options, and high dissatisfaction among patients and physicians.

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City: 8.6833 Hesse, Germany

  • bigcountrync - Excellent

    Good fit on my 2015 Charger 5.7L, better than the K&N, don't even go that route!!! Mopar for life!!! Fast shipment from seller being in Europe!!!

  • Amazon Customer - The mats are an excellent barrier and fit like a glove

    I bought this for my husband's truck and got the wrong size. The representative from Boost Projects worked with me and helped me to get the right size. The mats are an excellent barrier and fit like a glove, my husband loves them.

  • Thomas Family - Awesome for hair loss- not as mosturizing as I expected

    This hair mask it definitely helps with the shedding of hair, but it isn't as moisturizing as I expected.

  • Linh L. - Bought 2 more for family!

    I tried it out for a few weeks and I decided to buy 2 more for my aunt and mom for Mother's Day. It is too hot for us to go Earthing outside, so this is great. I do feel the tingles and sensations when using it sometimes. I carry and travel with it and use it at my group meditations. I am reading the book "Earthing" and learning so much more about it!

  • Paul Simard - To good to be true

    These racks are for extreme light duty. Mounted both mountain bikes. Bikes were swaying left to right. The mount points on these racks are plastic vs oem which are metal. Shipping weight 5lbs. oem 11lbs. Returned for a refund and purchased Honda crossbars. Night and Day in comparison?

  • AlishaB3 - Convenient and compact

    I really like it. I wish I had bought it on Amazon. I paid $50 at CVS. I prefer this over the icy hot brand tens unit because it takes triple A batteries, which are cheap and easy to get. The other tens machines available take watch batteries which are more expensive over time because they store a smaller charge and require more frequent replacement.

  • Alfredo J. Sixto - which is not recommended. Some of the predrilled holes were not the ...

    The machine was delivered on time with no damage. It took me about two hours to assemble it by myself, which is not recommended. Some of the predrilled holes were not the correct sizes, which made it very difficult to complete some tasks. But when everything is done, the machine works very smoothly and quietly. My daughter uses it everyday and is very happy with its performance, except for the occasional adjustment of the running belt, all is well.