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  • JackD - Deceptive advertising !!!

    I was really looking forward to set this up but i have to say i am extremely disappointed. I upgraded my internet to 300mbps and needed something that supports that higher speed. Here are my thoughts about Almond 2015 -

  • Michael - Brookstone sand is amazing

    This sand is amazing. The best part of this kinetic sand is that it really lives up to its promise of not making a mess. This sand sticks to itself and not you. This is a great buy and I am very pleased with it. I recommend this sand to anyone who is in the market for kinetic sand.

  • Wayne00 - Looooove it!

    So i first saw this game on my dads phone which he randomly downloaded, so when we were at a store, i stayed in the car to play it. IT BLEW MY MIND!!! i started off just doing the really easy level at the bottom of the map screen. but as soon as i got used to it more, i went on to some harder ones and i did great but i also noticed the amazing models for the white stag and so on.the main reason for this comment is how amazing this game is. you can start getting better and moving along while also recieving enough money to keep up with the pace.long story short, best hunting game ever!my only regret about the game would have to be the energy system. if that wasnt there, you could spend hours on end playing this game.except for that, once again, best hunting game ever!

  • Terri Geer - All of the directions were very clear.

    I just received this today and have already tried it. This is my first time using an LED and Gel, so I didn't do a very good job, although it is passable.