Deliverance It has Come; WWII POW Diary 1942-1945; Los Banos - Herman K. Beaber a missionary wrote a WWII POW Diary. This is a story of his fight to stay alive in a Japanese internment camp

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    Country:, North America, CA

    City: -124.3194 British Columbia, Canada

  • Mama Long - Magic, Magic, Magic.

    Wow! I hardly recognize my bathtub. I am able to take a pampering bath again. The rust accumulation on the lower sides and partial bottom of my tub was so bad that I refused to sit in. I only showered or sat on a bath stool, which I do not like.

  • D. Hav-01 - D.Hav#1

    What a improvement over the original black bezels. Very easy to install, it took maybe all of two minutes to extract the old ones and install the chrome ones. Some painters tape and a putty knife is all you need. Just follow the simple instructions provided.

  • Beth - This vacuum REALLY sucks

    Well, after a lot of research and years of salivating over the Dyson Animal vacuum, I decided that $200 was a lot more reasonable than $530 for a vacuum and 15 pounds was a lot easier to move around than 24 pounds, so I purchased the Shark Navigator this afternoon. It onlly took about 5 minutes from the time I opened the box to the time the unit was ready for use. Now, I vacuumed my ENTIRE house yesterday with our old Oreck XL but wanted to try out the new toy...oh my goodness...I can't believe all that stuff was left behind. There was SO much dirt and dust that my old vacuum just missed. The hose is long enough that the stairs shouldn't be much of a hassle, and the pet hair attatchment works fabulously! It does great on tile as well. Like I said, this vacuum is new to me today, but as of right now, I could not be happier with it.

  • Patrick - Good quality, easy to use

    Good quality, easy to use, cool design and the lights add a nice ambiance when I’m using it. I like to turn it on before friends come over… makes the house smell great and it’s a fun conversation starter. Super simple and fun gift idea too.