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  • Andy S. - Smells kind of like cucumber, so if that's what you're into, go to town.

    Like most shampoos, this just showed up in my shower. My wife used it for about two weeks, which is slightly above average. So I'm left to finish up the bottle. I don't know what Awapuhi is. It smells like cucumber. But I'm pretty sure Awapuhi doesn't mean cucumber. It could just be one of those things that people like without really knowing what it is. Like when people get kanji tattoos that are supposed to mean "Strength" or "Honor" but really mean something like "I like poop." Also, I looked at the ingredients. No Awapuhi. So I'm really at a loss with respect to the Awapuhi aspect of the product.

  • Mom Writer - Very useful

    My friend told me about this book. I bought it and took it with me when we went to visit colleges. It was surprisingly accurate when it came down to the facts. I called it my College Finding Bible.

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    Had my doubts but the Quixx Paint Scratch worked for me on most of the finer scratches I still have to get touch up paint for the deep areas.

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    I use this everyday. I'm in my late twenties, and suffer from some occasional acne. This isnt oily or drying and smells good. I would recommend this line!

  • william cutright - Great software at a great price

    I have used H&R Block for more than 8 years now a love it. Every year it gets easier to use and gets me every deduction I deserve through a process of questions kind of like an an interview. The only Con I can think of is when you file your state form you have to pay for the e-file if you want to e-file it. That's a little deceiving when you do get free e-file for federal forms....