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  • A. Warwick - Worst product I've ever used.

    I was in Ulta this week and saw this cc cream. I saw a picture of a woman with very red skin & cheeks. Then it had an after picture, after using the bye bye redness cream and her skin looked completely flawless. I was sold from the picture alone. I have rosacea and sometimes my skin can be a little sensitive. Immediately when I put this cc cream on my skin my skin started to burn and become painful. I though it would go away in a few minutes so I continued to put on the rest of my makeup and as time went on it got worse and not better. My face felt like it was on fire and being pinched. I ended up having to take all of my makeup off and put on soothing lotion. About an hour later I my skin was still sore and feeling hot but I went to put a little cream on. I put it on and went to blend it with the same brush that I used to apply the bye bye redness cream and my face began to burn horribly again from the little bit of product left over on my brush. I then had to wash my face and take my makeup off for a 2nd time. In the end the entire day I had to end up not wearing any face makeup and just put soothing aloe vera gel on my face. My face looks as red as a tomato. I'm so disappointed. This is the first product I've tried from It cosmetics and I will never use another one of their skin products. As I sit here writing this my face still feel hot and irritated. Beware if you have any type of sensitive skin or rosacea. One other thing to mention is that I am a beauty junkie I've tried lots of different products over the years and I've never had an experience like this. In fact my other foundations, concealers, bb creams, and cc creams are soothing to my skin.

  • abceasyas123 - Do it women, SHAVE YOUR FACE!!!

    I had never even considered the concept of shaving my face.... that's what men do, and I am a woman! The thought just never crossed my mind... Until, a well known celebrity released a video on her YouTube channel about how she shaves her face, and by the end of the video, I was sold. I ordered these and received them 2 days later. I was anxious to try them for the first time, after all, they looked really sharp! I began slowly and carefully running it along my face as instructed, and realized that I could put a fair amount of pressure on it and not cut myself.

  • Trenton Jenkins - Perfect!

    Awesome headphones, great stereo sound.They are clear, comfy and work great as music headphones or telephone headset.