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  • Not Tonight | Joanna Kempner - Not Tonight: Migraine and the Politics of Gender and Health Migraine is one of the most common, painful, and disabling disorders in the world, yet it is
  • Joanna Kempner Reprints | Joanna Kempner - Kempner, Joanna (2016) "What Biology Can't Do."¬†Headache. 56(5): 1047-1052. Kempner, Joanna (2015) "The production of forbidden knowledge."¬†Routledge
  • Teaching | Joanna Kempner - Graduate: Sociology of Health and Illness Sociology of the Body Social Research Methods Undergraduate: Social Problems Sociology of the Body
  • Joanna Kempner Press Media | Joanna Kempner - Social Stigma and Negative Labels --¬†Migraine: a cultural history. How did a painful and disabling disorder come to be seen as a symptom of femininity? Laurie
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  • Tamey - Buyer beware

    After only having the software for 4 months I ended up having to reload my OS (not related to Kaspersky). I registered Kaspersky when I first loaded it. My software said I was allowed 3 users. So when I had to reload my software, I figured there would be no problem. It wouldn't activate. Said I had used up all my activations. I contacted their support. After they made me jump thru hoops to send them all kinds of scanned proof it was proper software (even though I registered it when I bought it), they tell me they will not reactivate the code because I bought it from Amazon. So beware, if you just have to have this product - buy it from their website and not from here. I'm going to contact Amazon, but I may end up going back to Spyware Doctor even if it is a cpu hog.

  • T-Dubbs - Very Much Distinctive Difference

    Every once in a while you come across a product that "wows" you. I'm a tremendous gadget guy. I have a room full of them in my house. Most are useful, some are crap. After my first sip of beer using the Fizzics I knew this would end up in my gadget hall of fame (along with my first TiVo DVR, Keurig and electric pressure cooker). Whenever I go out to eat at a restaurant I always ask "what do you have on draft". I love a good draft beer over a bottled or canned any day. Sometimes you get disappointed because the establishment doesn't keep up with cleaning the tap lines and you end up with a musky astringent tasting brew. That being said, I will always take my chances on ordering a draft over bottled. The Fizzics system is exactly as advertised. The bottle of Sam Adams Oktoberfest that I tried was fresher, creamier and smoother than the ordinary straight from the bottle or bottle to glass experience I've had in the past. I'm so excited to try try other brews like stouts, porters and other Fall beers that I believe definitely lose something between tap and bottle. T

  • Andrew McMillen - Solid Case That Works Great

    I actually love this case. I was worried about the level of protection that you get because of the low price point but it really is a solid case and it has a good rugged feel. The clear back is well attached and not flimsy. The buttons on the sides provide good feedback and the whole case just feels solid.

  • Rebecca Bowen - Perfect for. Looks great

    Perfect for. Looks great. I am not a pro but i do put together a project every now and again. I had to pay close attention to instructions but it all came together without much difficulty.

  • mopar_girl81 - Great study tool!

    This is a great learning tool that I am so happy I purchased. I have 8 months until I will graduate with my BSN & I plan to use this often to keep everything fresh in my mind. I also own the HESI & Saunders NCLEX-RN books but I believe this book will help to get more associated with the exam format.

  • Karen Alicia Nava - Not a Close Trim

    This new version with a light compares nothing to the older model. The plastic nubs at either end of the trimmer head create a barrier to get closer. So when trimming eyebrows, etc. , it's awkward to have to angle it to trim in a straight line. The light didn't add anything in my opinion.