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    Country:, Europe, IT

    City: 9.1895 Milan, Italy

  • Rudi - A good retelling of the campaign...

    No new tales in the book but a good rehashing of what happened during the campaign. In the end, Obama won and Romney lost. Not a surprise ending...

  • Prefer2ShopOnline - Excellent

    My naturopath prescribed this to me to help regulate my cycles. I haven't been diagnoses with pcos buty cycles are very irregular and my hoemone levels weren't where they needed to be. I have been taking this regularly for almost a year and my cyles have never been so regular. Ultimately the hope is to get pregnant and while my cycles are now regular there are other issues that need to be addressed for the pregnancy. This product does what it was prescribed to me for and I am very happy with it. It is hard for me to take pills in general but these are average size capsules. They have a bit of a funny after taste and don't smell too great but it just takes a moment to wash them down. I purchase them online because they are about the same price as through my naturopath but savee the 1/2 tank in gas to get there and back and the shipping arrives faster than if they ship it. It arrives in the same bottle and the pills look the same. I only purchase vitamins and herbs online when I've already purchased them through my doctor once to know what to expect.

  • A. Wright - It Works!

    I tried it...first two weeks were tough..itched more each night I continued to use it.....I did not give up..By week three..I noticed a BIG difference in my awful candida symptoms. Today..(one month later)...I have no itching issues like before. I also see a difference in my skin tone....and I can sleep at night! I have not slept well in YEARS...I say try it..for a month (at least)..before you give up on it...Initially..your symptoms may get worse before they get better..

  • Zolton - Eat Your Heart Out, Aqua Velva

    I wanted all of my April Fool's Day pranks to go off without a hitch this year, so I decided to practice them beforehand. I just needed an unsuspecting rube to try them out on -- some gullible sap who'd fall for every trick in the book, and was in no position to divorce me, fire me, disown me, arrest me or pound me into a thin bloody paste. The answer was obvious: ME.

  • Connie W. Lamb - Love it

    My partner said I have been snoring ever since we met. He was so embarrassed to even tell me that you snore so loud. I was using different snoring mouth guards which never worked for me. Ever since I started using this Anti Snoring Chin Strap, I have been sleeping like a baby. I love it.

  • natski - Teen Health

    A good multivitamin, works good and easy to swallow for a teen. Would only get this if your teen is not getting enough rest due to too much homework and not eating a balanced meal every night, because of lack of time. Helps with clearing skin and keeping her from getting the flu.

  • Amazon Customer - absolutely love this brush

    full disclosure: I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review. This does not effect my opinions.