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  • Gobbits - Increasingly worse with each generation. Increasingly overpriced.

    This really should be a two star review because the product isn't that bad, but the ways that it is bad frustrate me so much so often that two stars is too many.

  • J. Bass - An incredible second computer for many...a great first computer for some.

    Although it took a little getting used to, I have quickly become attached to my Chromebook. I use my Mac for hours every day for work, and of course it is my favorite. My Chromebook however, has quickly become my "anything but design or coding" computer. I've had no issue with the lack of native apps or programs, as I can quickly pop open Chrome Remote Desktop and have my Mac in full screen.

  • hogfan949701 - Polished Look

    I bought this Mounting Kit so I could replace my OEM AM/FM Stereo in my little 1999 Mazda B2500 SX. It had NO CD and NO Cassette. So, I have been using an AM/FM transmitter that plays Mp3's from a Flash Drive, Aux. Cord in or SD card. That set up has been ok, but I wanted to install a DIN unit that had the ability to play Mp3's from a flash drive, SD Drive or an Aux in. And, of course AM/FM. I decided on a BOSS 612UA Digital Media Receiver. I would have given this 5 stars, but the instructions are pretty much worthless to be honest with you. I had to pretty much figure this thing out as I went. It ended up fitting well, the stereo is nice and tight and it has a finished look.

  • David - The only Proactiv element is with your bank account

    That would be no stars if I could. The product may work for some but not my wife, her face was far worse after use than before. So imagine our surprise when her debit card was hit after 3 weeks for another shipment. NOT requested. Try calling customer service and they claim that they only got an 'authorization' for payment. Tell that to my bank because the money is gone. Oh and after looking at her account with ProActiv, the item just charged for will not ship for another 7 days. After several phone calls, and a few hours of hold time, I give up. Tomorrow I will contact the attorney general and look into the possibility of a class action lawsuit against Proactiv and the parent company Guthy Renker.

  • Mike - Umm...its apple juice

    Exactly as promised,it is Apple Juice made by Mott's. Much cheaper than the store, even on sale. You should buy it.